Over 40 & Fabulous

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Over 40 and Fabulous
True Courage

I keep reminding myself to breathe. Have you ever taken on something and wondered, “Why did I say yes to this?” or “Why can’t I leave well enough alone?” For me, and…

Top 10 2023
The 2023 Over 40 & Fab Top 10 and Super 6

Forty and beyond is looking better than ever thanks to our 2023 Over 40 & Fabulous! contest winners. From confidence creators to glass-ceiling breakers, philanthropists and more, our winners reflect the energy…

Stacey Chapman
Stacey Chapman—Cover Award Winner

Stacey Chapman isn’t trying to change the world, but ask anyone, and they’ll tell you it’s a better place because of her. It’s in Chapman’s DNA to leave every community, place and…

TJ Bell Marks
Dr. TJuani Bell Marks

Dr. TJuani Bell Marks poured profound knowledge into her son from day one. Her determination for his success in education led him to reading and performing mental math by age three, later…

Helmut Domalgalski
Helmut Lucero Love Domagalski—Class of 2023 Pick

Community is the cornerstone of everything for Helmut Lucero Love Domagalski. After coming out, Domagalski overcame rejection from family, faith and his own self-hate to create the community he and many others…

Alexandria Alli
Alexandria Alli—Advisory Panel Pick

When she was only 10 years old, Alexandria Alli took her first steps (in fabulous shoes, of course) in the fashion world as an assistant in her mother’s fashion studio. After getting…

Faven Ressom
Faven Ressom

Faven Ressom, 41, considers herself to be a ‘serial entrepreneur.’ As a co-owner and operator of Whisky Mistress, Faved Events, The Heavens Production, and Fahabee, she has made an undeniable impact on…

Bobby Johnson
Bobby J Johnson—Give Back Award Winner

Bobby J Johnson believes the key to getting off on the right foot is having the right pair of shoes. While training for the Peachtree Road Race in 2011, Johnson found his…

Lindsay wagner
Lindsay Wagner—Inspiration Award

By 40, Lindsay Wagner had dealt with her fair share of challenges, but her biggest challenge yet emerged at 41, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4b Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer with ALK-positive…

Keira Miller
Keira Miller

Keira Miller knows what it means to be strong. As a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy and a mom who’s struggled with infertility, she will drop everything to help others…

Amina Greathouse
Amina Greathouse

Growing up in a single-parent household on the south side of Chicago, Amina Greathouse cultivated an empathetic perspective and a strong desire to give back to others. Now, she urges every parent…

Emma Uvena
Emma Uvena

About 12 years ago, Aussie transplant Emma Uvena was in bad shape. Her own words—life was hard, money was tight and she was relying on alcohol to fill her cup. She didn’t…

Laura Mooney
Laura Mooney

Laura Mooney is known as many things: athlete, business owner, mother, investor, mountain climber, art collector and all-around adventurer. The creative mind behind LYGATM and HATHAWAY Contemporary Gallery, the 47-year-old subscribes to…

April Rose
Dr. April Carter

Dr. April Carter, 39, is an award-winning physician and business owner whose commitment to her profession extends far beyond the formal training she received during schooling. Carter believes in compassionate care for…

Leigh Smith
Leigh Smith

Leigh Smith, MBA, MSW, CPHQ, is a Healthcare Executive, Wellness Advocate and Relationship Coach who exemplifies what it means to perfectly balance service, self-care and style. She has spent 20 years working…


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