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Stacey Chapman—Cover Award Winner

Stacey Chapman—Cover Award Winner

Stacey Chapman

Stacey Chapman isn’t trying to change the world, but ask anyone, and they’ll tell you it’s a better place because of her. It’s in Chapman’s DNA to leave every community, place and situation better than she found it. From trailblazing a woman’s place in construction as the Principal/ Senior Vice President of CROFT & Associates to creating a community for military wives and volunteering with dozens of Atlanta charities like CURE and Artsbridge, this 52-year-old triathlete goes above and beyond every day while staying down to earth.

How do you approach everyday life?

I try to give back each day—whether it’s to the community, those I love or those I work with. I focus on
establishing meaningful connections with the individuals I want to help by listening to their situations, empathizing with their struggles and treating them with respect and dignity. I hope the things I do today impact tomorrow, and that’s how I take each day, each cause, each effort.

What is the one thing you’ve learned to appreciate in your 40s?

I look at things from multiple perspectives. I always assume the person I am speaking to is smarter than me, and I will always learn something from every circumstance, situation or individual I encounter.

Tell us more about what inspired you to create Running for Our Soldiers.

My husband has gone through seven deployments as a Black Hawk Pilot, and it’s not always easy to deal with the anxiety and uncertainty. I always ran races and tried to stay healthy to keep my mind off of it. I noticed on social media that many military spouses were scared and getting in their heads—so I reached out and asked if they wanted to train with me for a 5K. Most claimed there was no way they could do that—they weren’t runners. I promised them I could create an easy plan they could get through, and we did it! Running for Our Soldiers started as a goal to help one or two spouses take their minds off of the deployments and has evolved into a group that engages military spouses from all around Georgia.

You are involved with so many things. How do you ensure you don’t burn out?

I regularly engage in opportunities that relax and rejuvenate me, such as training for races, spending time with loved ones (this includes my furbabies, Georgia Belle & Kirby) or leaning into my artistic side by painting or gardening. One of my favorite sayings is, “No is a complete sentence.” No is a completely acceptable answer.

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