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S Years
The ‘S’ Years: Extraordinary Atlantans in Their 60s and 70s

Extraordinary Atlantans in their 60s and 70s reveal their secrets to living a life filled with passion and purpose. In a society that often glorifies youth, Best Self Atlanta is proud to…

Rhoda Hendrix
Rhoda Hendrix, Blogger and Explorer

There are few things in life as ever-changing as the digital landscape and even less who can keep up with it. A full-time blogger and influencer for more than 15 years, Rhoda…

Fred Spring
Fred Spring, Personal Trainer and Wellness Warrior

Fred Spring’s journey embodies the timeless truth: it’s never too late to rewrite your story and pursue your passion. At 60, he traded his marketing desk job for a career in fitness,…

Ellen Ector
Ellen Ector, Women’s Empowerment Leader and Domestic Violence Advocate

In the heart of Atlanta’s vibrant Camp Creek community, Ellen Ector, at 71, stands tall as a beacon of vitality and empowerment. With a mantra echoing, “Life’s challenges are just stepping stones…

Verdery Trimmer
Verdery Cunningham Trimmer, Yoga Expert and Philanthropist

As time gently nudges others towards rigidity, Verdery Cunningham Trimmer gracefully embraces the fluidity of life’s possibilities, stretching toward something new. At 67 years young, Trimmer embarked on a transformative journey, enrolling…

Cheryl Denise Shiver
Cheryl Denise Shiver, Bodybuilder and Mother

Over the past decade, Cheryl Denise Shiver has defied age stereotypes, prioritizing physical and mental well-being through dancing, regular exercise routines and adventurous travels. Passionate about fitness and community wellness, she ventured…

Dr. Dina J Giesler
Dr. Dina J Giesler, Dentist and Women’s Advocate

Dr. Dina J Giesler’s dedication to dentistry and community has left an indelible mark on Atlanta. As the esteemed founder of Atlanta Smiles and a cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Giesler’s impact…

Cathy Iannotti
Cathy Iannotti, Real Estate Maven and Animal Lover

In her three decades as the Principal of Iannotti Breen Group, Cathy Iannotti has cultivated not just a portfolio of Atlanta’s best luxury residences, but a life of fulfillment and vitality. Iannotti…

Debbi K. Scarborough
Debbi K. Scarborough, Educator and Autism Advocate

For more than three decades, Debbi K. Scarborough has helped shape minds and set spirits on fire as the Head of School and founder of Cumberland Academy of Georgia. She’s made it…

Randi Layne
Randi Layne, Visionary and Philanthropist

From the very first steps on her journey, Randi Layne has believed, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it,” and with this mantra in mind, she’s taken Atlanta by storm.…

Otis Sallid
Otis Sallid, Creative Mastermind and Arts Advocate

At 74 years young, Otis Sallid assumed the mantle of creative director at Damsel, igniting Atlanta’s dining and entertainment scene with unparalleled flair. With over 50 years of artistic brilliance, including landmark…

Kim Fields
Kim Fields Ignites An Energetic Wellness Revolution

See how sitcom star Kim Fields is shaking things up with her unique brand of joy and accessibility. Listening is Kim Fields’ superpower. This might surprise those who know her as a sitcom…


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