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Garnie Nygren
Garnie Nygren, 38, COO for Serenbe Development

At the heart of Serenbe’s unique experience is Garnie Nygren, a visionary leader with a passion for creating a community that embodies the best of nature and wellness. Driven by a deep…

Ashley Nealy
Ashley Nealy, 35, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Mindly Maven

Tech guru Ashley Nealy has always been drawn to using her STEM skills to help vulnerable people groups. So, when COVID-19 wreaked havoc on her community because of the lack of diversity…

Nieshia Crawford
Nieshia Crawford, 36 Film and TV Producer

Nieshia Crawford is a powerhouse film and TV producer who’s worked on popular shows like Netflix’s Love is Blind. With an unshakable determination to bring stories to life, Niesha has fought her way…

Carson Simonton
Carson Simonton, 32, Founder of Inspire Fitness & Wellness

Carson Simonton believes her calling is not only to encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle but to instill a lifelong purpose by creating a safe space to cultivate confidence. For nearly…

Patrick Rodriguez
Patrick Rodriguez, 32, Co-Executive Director of the Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison

Patrick Rodriguez is a true beacon of hope and redemption to hundreds of Atlantans who’ve been written off. As the co-executive director of the Georgia Coalition for Higher Education in Prison and the…

Leroy Hite
Leroy Hite, 37, Founder of Cutting Edge Firewood

Leroy Hite believes the best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. On a mission to make every fire the perfect fire to gather around, Leroy created Cutting Edge…

Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips, 35, James-Beard Award Nominee and Owner of Lazy Betty and Humble Pie

Aaron Philips is one of the chef-partners behind Atlanta’s intimate foodie-favorite restaurant Lazy Betty, as well as the newly opened Humble Pie in West Midtown. Dubbed the “@caviarkingpin” on Instagram, he brings…

Ava Huyen Smith
Ava Huyen Smith, 15, Teen Miss Georgia Earth

As the daughter and granddaughter of refugees, Ava Huyen Smith has learned from her role models to give everything a try. And it’s paid off. Today, this Roswell native runs a volunteer group…

Mayer Stern
Mayer Stern, 39, Actor and Teacher at the Working Actor Group

Mayer Stern inherited a love of storytelling and a passion for the arts that has since shaped his life’s mission. Mayer got his acting chops in Chicago and Los Angeles before finding…

Jaycina Almond
Jaycina Almond, 27, Founder of The Tender Foundation

Jaycina Almond knows that even with the appropriate resources and support, motherhood can be immensely difficult. Being a single mother herself since the age of 21, she’s assumed the responsibility of creating…

Matt Neylon
Matt Neylon, 33, Chief Talent & Experience Officer at The Mount Vernon School

Matt Neylon has worn many hats since moving to Atlanta. From professional musician to all-around student champion, this Sandy Springs resident strives to connect people, perspectives and passions. In the last two…

Dr. Samara Sterling
Dr. Samara Sterling, 37, Nutrition Scientist

Dr. Samara Sterling’s passion for nutrition began in her childhood. Though she grew up unaware of food’s effects on health, this Albany native delved deeper into the field of nutrition. Her mother’s…


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