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S Years

The ‘S’ Years


Federico “Fred” Castellucci II
Federico “Fred” Castellucci III, Family Man and Risk Taker

The New-Age Restauranteur Infusing Intentional Possibility to The Family Business Risk-averse is not a word Federico “Fred” Castellucci III would use to describe himself. “I am the oldest child, and we are…

Men Making a Difference
Atlanta Men Making a Difference

By Nicole Letts and Wyndi Kappes From the hallowed halls of the Fox Theatre to the visionary classrooms of The Ron Clark Academy, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, a…

John Welker
John Welker, Visionary, Dancer and Mentor 

The Dancer Turned Director Bringing Ballet to a Broader Audience Although his many accolades range from receiving scholarships from places like the School of American Ballet and Bolshoi Ballet Academy to being…

Tony de Leede
Tony de Leede, Wellness Expert and Serial Entrepreneur

The Fitness Sensation Setting Course on an Innovative Co-Working Concept Tony de Leede is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. He launched his first business, a stamp trading company when he was…

Donald Albright
Donald Albright, Producer and Storyteller

Changing The Way America Sees Storytelling Donald Albright is a trailblazer in the world of podcasting, known for his innovative approach to storytelling and his commitment to amplifying diverse voices. As the…

Allan C. Vella
Allan C. Vella, Philanthropist, CEO and Performing Arts Advocate

The Powerhouse CEO Moving The Fox Theatre Into a New Age Few Atlanta landmarks are more legendary than the Fox Theatre. At the helm of this iconic performance space—hosting everything from Broadway…

Nate Hybl
Nate Hybl, Entrepreneur and Foodie

The Former NFL Player Tackling Atlanta’s Healthy Fast-Casual Scene with Gusto After completing stints with the National Football League playing for the Cleveland Browns and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Nate Hybl found himself…

Michael Bonner
Michael Bonner, Educator, Athlete and Leader

Inspiring Students to Reach New Heights As a teacher at The Ron Clark Academy, Michael Bonner has transformed the traditional classroom experience, utilizing creative strategies to engage and inspire his students. His…

Sydell Harris
A Tribute to Sydell Harris

A compassionate trailblazer in the world of health and aesthetics There are many ways to inspire industry-changing transformation. For Sydell Harris, she did so by leading with love. The founder of Spa…

Dr. Dina J Giesler
Dr. Dina J Giesler, Dentist and Women’s Advocate

Dr. Dina J Giesler’s dedication to dentistry and community has left an indelible mark on Atlanta. As the esteemed founder of Atlanta Smiles and a cosmetic and general dentist, Dr. Giesler’s impact…

S Years
The ‘S’ Years

Extraordinary Atlantans in their 60s and 70s reveal their secrets to living a life filled with passion and purpose. By Wyndi Kappes In a world that tends to value youth, Best Self…

Rhoda Hendrix
Rhoda Hendrix, Blogger and Explorer

There are few things in life as ever-changing as the digital landscape and even less who can keep up with it. A full-time blogger and influencer for more than 15 years, Rhoda…


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