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Kim Fields Ignites An Energetic Wellness Revolution

Kim Fields Ignites An Energetic Wellness Revolution

Kim Fields

See how sitcom star Kim Fields is shaking things up with her unique brand of joy and accessibility.

Listening is Kim Fields’ superpower. This might surprise those who know her as a sitcom star, but for Fields, her talent for listening to herself and others has always been integral to her success. From her early days on “The Facts of Life” and “Living Single,” to her recent role on the Netflix hit “The Upshaws” and everything in between, Fields has kept audiences entertained as an actor, producer and director. By tuning into what people want and, more often, need to hear, Fields has become a beloved pop culture icon known for her unique ability to bring joy and depth to any project.

The UpshawsSo when Fields embarked on her own wellness journey in the wake of fear, loss and uncertainty during the 2020 pandemic, she dug deep to find something that would work for her. “For the many options out in the wellness space at the time on social media, in books and beyond, I didn’t find anything that really resonated with me,” Fields shared with Best Self. In a wellness industry saturated with goals that can feel unattainable and elusive metaphysical ideals, there was space for something more.

Uniquely equipped to shake up the wellness arena, Fields first focused on bringing unbridled joy to the conversation. “Wellness isn’t something that we need to do begrudgingly or reluctantly. Your wellness journey should bring you joy,” she noted. Kim Fields, who found her joy in dancing after a successful stint on “Dancing With The Stars,” now regularly incorporates dance into her wellness routine.

Once she injected joy into wellness, Fields felt it was also important to make it more attainable and sustainable. “There are so many goals, checklists and requirements on wellness these days that can sometimes feel unattainable. While it helps to have a community to hold you accountable for your wellness goals, I wanted to shine a spotlight on additional journeys, brands and conversations to inspire people to create and explore their goals for their mind, body and spirit,” she said.

Fields had found a recipe for success she knew she needed to share with others. “I have never been one to subscribe to the ticking of the clock. I had my first son at 38 and my next child at 44, but I knew I wanted a long, healthy and prosperous life, and to make this perspective on wellness accessible to others,” she noted.

Kim Fields Refresh Retreat AttendeeWhat started as Saturday wellness talks on social media resonated deeply with her community and quickly evolved into the “Refresh by KF” brand. After years of fostering connections, Fields took a significant step in 2023 by organizing an in-person gathering for men and women at a new “Refresh Retreat.” The inaugural event, held from December 1-3, featured a blend of unique wellness practices within an inclusive and supportive environment. Instead of traditional yoga classes, attendees enjoyed a DJ dance party, while guided nature walks and a journaling lounge replaced breakout sessions in closed rooms and fireside chats replaced keynote addresses.

The atypical retreat was a success. “So many people came to me during and after the event to tell me how it had powerfully changed their lives and how it was the retreat they didn’t know they needed,” said Kim Fields. “A woman told my mother that the retreat had saved her life. She wasn’t planning on making it through the holidays, but this retreat changed that.”

Fields looks forward to hosting her Spring Refresh Retreat at the Evergreen Lakeside Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia, from April 12-14. She eagerly anticipates integrating the popular and distinctive wellness activities from the previous retreat, along with introducing new experiences and featuring special guests like her “Upshaws” co-star, Jermelle Simon.

Refresh RetreatAmid her wellness ‘Refresholution,’ Fields still finds a way to balance it all–her secret, walking the tightrope. “Balance to me is like walking on a tightrope. With each step, the person walking on that tightrope is consistently shifting the balance of their weight,” she said. “I am on this tightrope juggling plenty of balls in the air, and I’ve realized it’s okay to put the balls down at times. It’s not the same thing as dropping them. You have the power.”

“The other thing about people who walk on a wire rope is that they’re always holding on to something. They always have either a pole in their hand or a stick, helping them maintain that balance. It begs the question, what are you holding on to?” she adds.

For Fields, she holds onto her village, her absolute sense of self and her ability to listen to herself and others. “The power of listening cannot be understated,” Fields reiterated. “Listening to your body, your heart, your words, your village will provide you with your true path to wellness. Embrace the journey, stay open to new experiences and remember, you are more than enough.”

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