Our Mission Statement

Best Self Atlanta magazine has been created for the purpose of providing information, tools, and resources to help readers realize their potential and live their best life. The magazine helps readers identify their personal goals, create step-by-step strategies, explore opportunities and find local experts and resources. Best Self focuses its editorial pages on information for obtaining optimal health, self confidence, and happy living.

Editorial departments include wellness, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, sports, dancing, therapy, life enrichment, hearing, vision, healthy aging, health screens, cooking, travel, continuing education, counseling, cancer, sexual health cosmetic products and procedures, veins, teeth, skin care, hair, grooming, nails, spirituality, philanthropy, volunteerism, community service and more.

We know that for every person, the opportunity to be the best they can be is a journey that evolves and changes as we go through life. Our goal is to help readers navigate this journey and make it easier to realize their “best self”.

About The Founder

Best Self Atlanta magazine is owned and operated by established local publisher and fitness entrepreneur, Sherri Adair.

As the owner of 36 fitness centers in seven states from 1980-1989, Sherri Adair has a personal knowledge and understanding of fitness, wellness and health issues which are largely the focus of Best Self Atlanta magazine. She has been certified by IDEA, AAFA and ACSM.

She has published several magazines in the Atlanta area since 1990. These publications include Georgia Athlete, Atlanta Sports and Fitness and Atlanta Home Improvement magazines.

During this time, Sherri also owned an event company. EventCo’s team created and executed sports and fitness events including the GA 400 Road Race, Fernbank Museum’s Dinosaur Dash, Lake Lanier Biathlon, Toon Into Fun Run, Weather Channel Run and the Olympic Day Run in conjunction with the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics. These events raised thousands of dollars for local charity organizations and many of the events created by EventCo are annual fundraisers today.

In 2005, Adair sold Atlanta Home Improvement to Network Communications Inc. She spent the next two years working with NCI to expand the Home Improvement brand to markets across the country.

It was during that time that Adair started working on the concept for Best Self. I have always had a passion for exercise and fitness, but during the last three years life challenges like divorce, raising teenagers, moving and getting older started to take its toll. I knew what I could always count on to make my life better and that was to focus my energy on taking care of my health, returning to fitness as a lifestyle and exploring options for skin care and beauty regimens to help me feel more confident about my appearance. I also knew that there was more to my journey to happy living and that was to get outside of myself and think and do for others. From this perspective, the idea for Best Self was created. This thinking and innate ability to identify market trends is what has defined her success.

In fact, Best Self magazine is more relevant today than it was two years ago when Adair began working on the concept. Today, people all over have acknowledged that many things are out of their control. People seem to know that they cannot control Wall Street or the real estate market, but they can control their personal life choices.

Best Self magazine was created by Adair to be a guide to Atlanta’s doctors, experts and resources for all aspects of health and wellbeing. As Adair evolved her concept, she realized that there was nothing special about another health and beauty magazine. It occurred to her from personal experience that striving to look good and feel good, while positive on the surface, are not the only paths to finding your “best self”. The message of getting outside of yourself and helping others had to be a very important part of the magazine’s mission.

Best Self Atlanta magazine brings all components of looking good, feeling good and doing good together in one comprehensive local resource. The magazine’s partnership with Network Communication Inc’s extensive distribution network and its timely editorial focus are sure to deliver inspiring, life changing messages to its readers and deliver targeted customers for its advertisers.

Sherri Adair