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Man running but grabbing at his leg because of sciatica pain

Piriformis Syndrome: When Sciatica Isn’t Sciatica


Woman looking angrily at her partner snoring
Sleep Apnea: Not Only a Problem for Patients

By Marianna Kovitch, D.M.D., DABDSM Sleep apnea is a widespread medical issue affecting approximately 12 million Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. Many individuals suffer from the effects of sleep…

Man stressed out and screaaming
Balancing Stress for Better Men’s Health

By Scott D. Miller, M.D., MBA We spend a lot of our life balancing “things” — work and family, diet and exercise, time and money. We all want a stress-free life. Although…

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Offering Testosterone Therapy for Men?

By Paul E. Cox, M.D., MS Testosterone treatments are the new “hot topic” in men’s health lately. There are clinics opening everywhere to take advantage of the financial opportunities available from testosterone…

Man doing a telehealth session on his laptop
Men’s Mental Health: Open Up and Find Solutions That Work for You

By Jill Becker With June being Men’s Health Month, it seems an appropriate time to address the gender gap between males and females when it comes to mental health and men’s general…

man jogging
Steer Clear of These Top 10 Men’s Health Risks

By Alexandra McCray When it comes to the longevity of men’s health, there’s no getting around it, the numbers are bleak. According to Harvard Health Publishing, women live an average of five…

Low testosterone
The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels in Men? Testosterone loss in men occurs slowly over time. Thus, most men contribute many of the warning signs to “normal aging.”…

woman in scrubs in surgical room looking at camera
The Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery

What Are the Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Over Traditional Foot Surgery? Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is always of interest to patients and surgeons alike. This less invasive type of surgery…

Tuxedo Pharmacy employees in front of vaccination van
Tuxedo Pharmacy Offers Peace of Mind with the COVID-19 Vaccine

For more than 60 years, Tuxedo Pharmacy & Gifts has been Buckhead’s go-to spot for everything from prescriptions to unique presents. Now, they offer residents even more — peace of mind with…

Woman getting a massage
Free Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Medical & Sports Massage in Sandy Springs has partnered with the East Georgia Cancer Coalition to provide uninsured and financially-strained cancer patients with free massage therapy sessions. While not a treatment for…

Losing weight with hormone therapy
How Hormone Therapy Can Help You Shed Perimenopause Pounds

Q:  Have Gained Weight With Perimenopause/ Menopause. Can Hormone Therapy Help Me Get It Off? A: Weight gain for women as their hormones fail is a complicated and common issue. The loss…

woman with leg pain
How Can Chiropractic Care Help My Arm and Leg Pain?

Q: How Can Chiropractic Care Help My Arm and Leg Pain? A: As with any condition, you want to start with treating the most common and typical cause of the pain and…

How to Choose the Best Oral Appliance for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

There are over 150 FDA-approved oral appliances for the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring. A diagnosis along with a sleep study helps determine what kind of appliance will work best for…

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