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How Hormone Therapy Can Help with Menopause

Q: How Can Hormone Therapy Help with Menopause? A: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can stop the symptoms of menopause in their tracks. It is important to know that modern bioidentical HRT can…

Man with knee joint pain
How Does Prolozone Help With Joint Pain?

Q: What is Prolozone and How Does It Help With Joint Pain? A: Prolozone is a combination injection technique that utilizes nutrition and homeopathic solutions along with highly energized oxygen, Ozone, to…

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Balancing Out Menopause with Hormone Replacement Therapy

By: Paul E. Cox, MD, MS • Mood swings (irritability, anger, sadness) • Fatigue/lack of energy • Chronic hot flashes • Weight gain • Low libido • Trouble sleeping • Thinning hair…

Woman yawning with phone in her hand
5 Tips to Keep Your Screen from Ruining Your Sleep

By: Marianna Kovitch, DMD, DABDSM Your sleep impacts every aspect of your health and daily life. Providing a suitable environment to get the best sleep possible is key to maximizing the benefits of a good…

Woman focusing on back pain
Home Remedies for Back Pain

During the ongoing pandemic, we are seeing more people experiencing back pain. The causes range from working at a make-shift desk at home to completing projects around the house. Here are some home remedies…

woman applying sunscreen at the beach
Sun Protection: Save Your Skin from Aging

By: Amy Kim, MD Adopt sun protection into your routine before enjoying outdoor activities. Overexposure to the sun causes the skin to wrinkle, sag and become leathery because it breaks down the connective tissues.…

Man with his hands on his heart
The Heart and Soul of Men’s Health

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it seems appropriate to talk about our hearts. How did the heart become associated with love? In ancient days, the heart was considered to be the center of all emotions since…

Woman getting her teeth checked at dentist
What is a Prosthodontist?

Q: What is a Prosthodontist? A: A prosthodontist is a dental specialist in the restoration and replacement of teeth who has completed dental school, plus three additional years of advanced training and…

Middle age man doing pushups
Is Weight Gain and Muscle Loss Inevitable Over 40?

Q: Is weight gain and loss of muscle inevitable when you are over 40? A: Exercise is vital to protecting muscle mass, reducing the risk of heart disease, protecting bone mass, stress…

Little girl in blue shirt in front of gray wall with hand up to ear
The Number One Cause of Hearing Loss

Q: What is the number one cause of hearing loss? A: The number one most common cause of people losing their hearing is exposure to hazardous noise. Of all the causes for…

Medcines that spell out hormones
How Healthy Are Your Hormones?

Have you recently become aware that how you think, feel and look has changed, and you are not happy with the result? You should check your hormones! There are specific hormones for…

baby being moisturized
Winter Skin Tips for your Baby or Toddler

Cold air also means drier air, and drier air means less humid air that can dry the skin out. Dr. Amy Kim of MetroDerm Atlanta wants to share winter skin tips for…


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