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Four Tips for a Healthy Spine

Four Tips for a Healthy Spine

Resurgens Spine Center

Many of us hit the gym, walking trails, yoga and spinning classes to help us maintain our health. Unless we experience back or neck pain, we don’t realize that maintaining our spine health is just as important. If back pain is getting in your way of exercising and enjoying what you love to do, here are some tips from the physicians at Resurgens Spine Center to help you make a few lifestyle changes that can assist you in maintaining a healthy spine.

1. Exercise

Exercise improves your health in many ways, including the health of your spine. One cause of back pain is weakness in the “core” muscles that support the spine. These muscles are small and not as strong as the larger muscles, which is why they are so prone to injuries. Strengthening these muscles can help prevent back injuries.

Sit-ups, crunches and pushups can help improve your core strength. Other options include stretching and yoga. Not only will these activities strengthen your core muscles, but they will also improve your flexibility, helping you be less susceptible to injuries.

As with any exercise regimen, check with your physician or spine specialist before you begin to ensure these exercises are safe for you.

2. Healthy Body Weight

Staying fit is crucial to all aspects of your health, including the health of your spine. When you’re carrying extra weight, especially around the torso, those small muscles around your spine have to work harder to keep you upright. While our weight is something many of us struggle with, if you can maintain your ideal weight, you can decrease your risk for back pain.

3. Proper Lifting Technique

Using proper lifting technique can help decrease back pain. Use the big, powerful muscles in your legs to lift, not the small muscles in your back. When you need to lift something, squat down until your hips are parallel to the object’s center of gravity. By doing so, you will force your leg muscles to do most of the work, allowing you to keep your back straight as you lift.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help prevent back pain by maintaining the size of the fluid-filled discs between your vertebrae. These discs are responsible for absorbing much of the shock your spine experiences during the day. If you are not properly hydrated, the discs can become smaller and offer less support to your spine. Over time, this can lead to back pain.

We hope these tips help you begin your journey to a healthier spine. If you have back pain that keeps you from doing what you love, the physicians at Resurgens Spine Center are to serve you in one of our 24 area locations.

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