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Three heart healthy foods stew, avocado, and black beans
3 Heart-Healthy Recipes

If you want to clean up your act when it comes to food these heart-healthy recipes will set you in the right direction. Interested in learning more? Read our whole article on…

Heart bowl with healthy foods inside
Eating for Heart Health

Eating healthy and taking care of your heart are hot topics these days. Pick up any health magazine, and odds are, you’ll come across plenty of tips for keeping your ticker in top shape.…

Kristen Coffield in front of bookshelf with wine glass
Sip with Confidence: Selecting the Best Wine for Your Health

In the world of wellness, wine can be tricky. A moderate amount can be beneficial to our physical and emotional health, and too much is just bad. Quality also plays a crucial…

Chef Kevin Gillespie of Red Beard Restaurants
Virtual Cooking Class with Chef Kevin Gillespie of Red Beard Restaurants

Cook up something fresh this new year with a virtual cooking class hosted by chef Kevin Gillespie of Red Beard Restaurants. Join the popular chef, owner of Atlanta restaurant staples Gunshow and…

Healthy apple chips by NADI
Healthy Snack Makes Big Impact

Who doesn’t love a healthy snack alternative? NADI, a local, women-owned business, is proud to announce their newest product, NADI Happy Hearts Apple chips. Using drying and preserving methods from the country…

Arden Zinn in front of her juices
Catching Up with Arden Zinn of Arden’s Garden

Arden Zinn, founder and creator of Arden’s Garden, is a true trailblazer of health and nutrition. Dubbed “Atlanta’s First Lady of Fitness” by the President’s Council, Arden has built her career on…

Peach State Drinks
Sip The Locally-Made Flavors of Fall

Sip on the flavors of fall with Peach State Drinks. Pressed by hand with love, these local expert juicers only use produce when it’s at its peak flavor, so everything is seasonal.…

Food at Grub Bowls and Wraps
Grab a Healthy Pre-Flight Meal at Grub Fresh Bowls & Wraps

After struggling with kidney disease The St. Regis Atlanta kitchen manager, Kelley Hicks, found health and happiness in a better diet and her gift for hospitality. Now she brings her talent to…

#SoulOutside with SoulCycle
A Spin on Socially Distant Silent Disco with #SoulOutside

For those ready to get back out there, but maybe not back inside a workout studio, SoulCycle Buckhead has created SoulOutside, a silent disco spin class. Perfect for fall weather, sign up…

No Waste Orange Cake Recipe

By Cyndi Sterne, Yes, Chef! Culinary Events Healthy eating is not just what we put into our bodies, it’s also about reducing the waste we put back into our communities. That’s why…

Woman in bike gear posing in photo with her bike.
Atlanta Woman Takes on Triathlon Training

In the 10 years since Lisa Marshall founded her Alpharetta-based business, Multisport Explosion, a triathlon training program held at facilities around metro Atlanta, she’s watched her high-performance team (the only one of its…

Alton Brown Talks Healthy Eating
Food Expert Alton Brown Talks About Weight Loss and his Four-List Method

Celebrity food scientist shares his healthy eating tips Despite a busy career, high-pressure work, and dizzyingly frequent travels, Alton Brown never skimps on his health. Not surprisingly, the food expert who has become…


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