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Mitch Alterman: Tech Innovator and Meaningful Matchmaker

Mitch Alterman: Tech Innovator and Meaningful Matchmaker

Prior to meeting his wife, Mitch Alterman was hating life on dating apps. He knew there had to be a better way to connect with potential matches—a way that prioritized personality without being superficial. He launched Hatched Dating as a result, building a team, getting investors and acquiring users for feedback amidst Atlanta’s burgeoning tech ecosystem and diverse population. The end result is a successful platform that has changed the way people meet online.

What would you say is the “most interesting” thing about you?

Admittedly, launching a dating app as a 30-year-old, happily married man is pretty interesting in itself. Even more interesting is our concept of users’ photos being hidden initially and having them answer personality questions to unveil one another.

Who has been the most influential person along your journey?

My dad always taught me from an early age that everything in life (and in business) requires other people’s help. He showed me how everything revolves around relationships and taught me the fundamentals of how to build strong bonds and the importance of those bonds.

What’s the craziest/most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

There’s an adage that “starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and assembling a plane on the way down” but doing so in an industry that I didn’t have any experience or expertise in felt more like jumping off a cliff with my hands tied behind my back.

What are you most proud of?

Simply building a product that helps people. There is a myriad of mental health issues associated with traditional dating apps, and thus, getting to hear from users about how Hatched has helped them build true connections with others, and give them confidence in their dating lives again, is something that will always make me proud and will never get old.

What do you say to people who don’t think digital dating is for them?

I actually felt the same way which is what ultimately compelled me to launch Hatched. Most major dating apps essentially feature the same experience of basically looking at someone’s photo and making a decision on that user, which can be deflating and demoralizing. Thus, whether it’s Hatched or something else, I’d encourage that person to try a dating service that offers something different beyond the superficiality of swiping.

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