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Dr. Paul Cox: Healthcare Innovator and Animal Advocate

Dr. Paul Cox: Healthcare Innovator and Animal Advocate

As the founder of Vital Living Healthcare (VLH), Dr. Paul Cox helps Atlantans achieve a healthier, long-term way of living starting from the inside out. He teaches his hope as a strategy, encouraging men and women to face life’s challenges head-on and keep pushing toward their goals. From caring for his patients to Atlanta’s animals in need, his mantra is simple: Listen, Care, Serve. With this mantra in mind, he’s changed the industry with an individualized, compassionate way of doing medicine and thus has changed lives at the same time.

What inspired you to pursue your current field?

I started the practice that would become VLH in 2012 after realizing that traditional insurance-based practice did not afford the time and flexibility my patients needed to be supported by their doctor. I had an idea to create a medical practice that was dedicated to supporting patients in creating a healthier way of living for them that was sustainable over the long term.

What is something you tell yourself to stay motivated?

Hope is my strategy. Life can be hard sometimes and hope can sometimes be the only reason to keep going. My current mantra for my practice is really simple: Listen, care, serve.

How have your mentors shaped who you are today?

I have been lucky to have many significant mentors. Some were great examples of how to act and live and others were examples of what not to do in life. I am most shaped by my parents, who instilled a solid work ethic and the belief that I can do anything if I am willing to make it happen. They taught me that you can collaborate with people without having to like them and that you take care of your own.

What are you most proud of?

After I adopted a black bully puppy in 2020, I was inspired to help them get adopted and have worked tirelessly since with the Lost & Found Pitbulls of Greater Atlanta. I am also proud of the work I do with the Atlanta Food Bank. It is just a cornerstone of support for struggling Atlanta families, and the Emeril Lagasse Foundation does terrific work to inspire, mentor and enable young people through culinary, nutrition and arts education. The common theme to me is supporting people and animals in ways that improve their circumstances and chances for happiness in the long term. Overall I am most proud of working towards being a good doctor, uncle, brother, partner, son, employer, dog dad and friend. It is definitely a journey.

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