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Amina Greathouse

Amina Greathouse

Amina Greathouse

Growing up in a single-parent household on the south side of Chicago, Amina Greathouse cultivated an empathetic perspective and a strong desire to give back to others. Now, she urges every parent to have a sense of duty to ensure that the next generation does better than the previous. Through her work with Woodward Academy, Greathouse strives to help children imagine their future careers, take charge of their personal growth and tackle the complex challenges of the modern world. In this house, it’s all about learning from your past and moving forward with confidence toward your fullest potential.

What led you to get involved with Woodward Academy?

First and foremost, I believe in the importance of active parental involvement in a child’s education. I see the school as a partner in my child’s development, and I want to be a part of that partnership. By being actively engaged in the school, I can better understand the curriculum, the teachers and the overall educational environment, which allows me to support my child’s learning journey more effectively. I wanted to contribute my time, skills and resources to help maintain and enhance the school’s positive atmosphere and educational standards.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community?

Growing up, I experienced firsthand the challenges that many families face in accessing quality education and resources. This personal experience deeply inspired me to make a positive impact on the lives of children facing similar circumstances. Through Greathouse Trial Law, we organize school supply giveaways to ensure that students have the essential tools for learning, easing the financial burden on families. Additionally, I’m actively involved in fundraising for school financial aid. I aim to provide opportunities for children to access quality education, ultimately helping them break barriers and achieve their fullest potential.

How do you maintain the balance between family, work and giving back?

I’ve learned the importance of scheduling self-care as a non- negotiable part of my routine. I assess my commitments, focus on what aligns with my values, and gracefully decline tasks or opportunities that may overextend me. It’s essential to recognize that saying “no” when necessary is not a sign of weakness but rather a deliberate choice to protect my well-being.

What impact do you hope to leave on the world?

I hope to leave a legacy of positivity, compassion and empowerment. I aspire to inspire others to believe in their potential and to foster kindness and understanding. Ultimately, I want to be a vessel as living proof of the greatness that God has in store for all of us.

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