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True Courage

True Courage

Over 40 and Fabulous

I keep reminding myself to breathe. Have you ever taken on something and wondered, “Why did I say yes to this?” or “Why can’t I leave well enough alone?” For me, and I suspect for many others, “well enough” is just not enough. I personally thrive when I challenge myself to reach higher or do something new—it’s how I express my passion and creativity.

In 2019, I decided that I wanted to shine a brighter light on our flourishing Over 40 & Fabulous community. I am so proud of what we have created together, and my goal was to share the beauty of the individuals and their commitment to local charities through a fashion show. I hoped this event would emphasize what has always been at the heart of Over 40 & Fabulous—giving back. With each step down the runway, our Over 40 alumni would have the chance to raise awareness and money for the causes they hold near and dear.

But 2020 had other plans, and the idea of a grand fashion show was tabled. But it’s been stuck in my head and heart ever since. So, this year, we decided to breathe new life into the concept. With the invaluable support of our dedicated Best Self team and a host of event professionals, we have charged full steam ahead. As I write this, our inaugural Fashion Meets Passion event is just five short days away.

There are many moving parts, and, like most ambitious ideas, the work has proven to be even more extensive than I initially imagined. I’m nervous and excited and hope that the nearly 250+ people participating and attending will leave with a greater understanding of what our community is all about and why it is so very special.

Until then, I am reminding myself to breathe because, as with anything you do for the first time, there are risks to be taken and lessons to be learned. And while I breathe, I am reminded of wise words from Brené Brown: “True courage comes when we decide to take a risk without knowing the outcome. It means showing up and letting yourself be seen despite the risk. When you show up in this way, you open yourself up to joy and connection, but you can only do it by accepting that there could be pain.”

With courage,

Sherri Adair, Founder

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