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Keira Miller

Keira Miller

Keira Miller

Keira Miller knows what it means to be strong. As a breast cancer survivor with a double mastectomy and a mom who’s struggled with infertility, she will drop everything to help others get through what she’s overcome. Miller channels that passion today through her work with the Jewish Fertility Foundation, where she helps families struggling with infertility by connecting them with support groups, fertility buddies and financial resources. With a unique combination of humor and compassion, she’s helped countless Atlantans feel less alone— creating a community that’s everything to so many.

How have you taken the adversity you faced after being diagnosed with breast cancer and flipped it?

I’ve transformed the adversity of breast cancer into strength by channeling it into my purpose, advocating for advanced and different options of screening and supporting others on their health journey. My diagnosis has become a source of empowerment and a chance to make a positive impact.

How do you encourage families and friends who are facing hard times?

I prioritize empathy over sympathy, actively listening and genuinely understanding their emotions. I create a safe space for them to express themselves without judgment. I empower them to take control of their situation, make decisions that feel right for them and encourage a search for glimmers of positivity. I emphasize the importance of asking for help when needed and understanding that gratitude can counteract sadness, reminding us of the small blessings even amidst difficult times.

How do you prioritize your own health, especially now?

I lean into listening to my body, recognizing the signals that I need to rest, relax or recharge. I’ve cultivated strong, trusting relationships with my healthcare professionals, valuing their advice and diligently attending regular check-ups. I also journal to help process thoughts and stay present and intentional throughout the day. Embracing meditation and yoga practices, though challenging at times, has been profoundly inspiring for my mindset and personal growth.

What advice would you give to people under 40?

I’d tell them to surround themselves with authentic people who challenge them to always be their best, be curious and grow. Get out of your bubble and comfort zone to maximize your mindset and growth. Do not let fear stop you. Steer yourself with a no-regrets approach to life and lead with authenticity always. Always be open to new connections, perspectives and views. Energy attracts like energy.

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