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Dr. TJuani Bell Marks

Dr. TJuani Bell Marks

TJ Bell Marks

Dr. TJuani Bell Marks poured profound knowledge into her son from day one. Her determination for his success in education led him to reading and performing mental math by age three, later learning Japanese and French in a full immersion environment. However, the lack of quality education in her community created the need to establish an ideal learning environment for him and others to excel. Through the OMNI International School, Bell Marks hopes to leave a legacy dedicated to establishing high standards of kindergarten readiness, giving parents the support to access resources for their children’s educational success.

What inspires you to get up every morning?

I recognize that God is giving me an opportunity to do the work I still need to do. I have a family to love, a school to lead, a podcast to create and books to write. I understand that my journey is not complete, and this realization serves as my daily inspiration, driving me to work tirelessly toward my goals.

Why do you believe language immersion is so important at a young age?

There are many cognitive benefits to children learning languages early, positively impacting their academic careers for years to come. These students tend to excel on standardized tests, understand word and world knowledge and can interact with more cultural sensitivity. The world is much smaller and more accessible than it used to be, and I believe language is the true key to global citizenship.

Where do you believe your passion for education stems from?

The more I learn, the more I realize the vastness of knowledge that exists. My educational journey began with an undergraduate degree in Public Relations, but after declaring a minor in psychology, I became more interested in the field and subsequently chose to continue my education with a master’s degree in psychology. However, it was the experience of becoming a parent myself that added a new dimension to my passion for education and deepened my commitment to this field.

What do you love most about being over 40?

In my 50s, I discovered my voice and gained a newfound sense of self- assuredness. While age does bring wisdom, the confidence to embrace and express that wisdom is a more recent development in my life. I’m in a constant state of growth and self-evolution, and there are moments when I reflect and think, ‘I wish I knew then what I know now.’

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