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Meet Atlanta’s Inspiring Innovators Under 40

Meet Atlanta’s Inspiring Innovators Under 40

Roma Patel, Ryan Hersh, Carden Wyckoff, Archel Bernard
by Jennifer Colosimo

Meet 10 amazing Atlantans whose passion, creativity and determination are pushing the boundaries and changing their world.

Some people say that there are no more “new” ideas. Well, we would like to introduce you to 10 Inspiring Innovators who would probably argue otherwise. These Atlantans are stirring things up and breaking down walls in fashion, design, food, business and more. Read on to learn how they’re using their passion and creativity to make waves all across the city.

Carden Wyckoff: Activist

Why She Inspires Us: Carden is a disability advocate who is on the move to make the world a more accessible place for all.

Carden Wyckoff in wheelchair in Midtown
Photography by Gene Phillips

Sammie Hasen: CEO, medsur, Inc

Why She Inspires Us: Sammie is addressing obstacles in feminine health by creating products for women that are actually designed by women with her company, medsur, Inc.

Sammie Hasen
Photography by Arabelle Berman

Archel Bernard: CEO, The Bombchel Factory

Why She Inspires Us: Archel creates beautiful clothes and opportunities for women to gain economic independence through her fashion line—The Bombchel Factory.

Archel Bernard
Photography by Lark Media

Ryan Hersh: Founder, EDISON Bicycles

Why He Inspires Us: Ryan is taking transportation by the spokes and building a better way to commute around Atlanta with EDISON Bicycles.

Ryan Hersh
Photography by Campfire Social

Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon: Founder and CEO, The Village Market ATL

Why She Inspires Us: Lakeysha is diversifying the local artisan scene by giving Black entrepreneurs a place to access capital, connect with customers and thrive at The Village Market ATL.

LaKeysha in front of CNN center
Photography by Carol Rose

Umama Kibria: Founder, SweatPack

Why She Inspires Us: Umama is changing up the fitness game with her sweat and socialize app, SweatPack.

Umama Kimbra in front of metal structure
Photography by Mobs Robertson

Jesslyn Rollins: CEO, BIOLYTE

Why She Inspires Us: Jesslyn helped build the family business, BIOLYTE, into a multi-million dollar company and wore a lot of different hats to do it.

Jesslyn in front of blue background in red and blue dress
Photography by Milk & Butter Social

Sophia Marie Marchese: Co-Founder, Happy Seed

Why She Inspires Us: Sophia is bringing delicious, healthy, plant-based eating to plates everywhere with her company, Happy Seed.

Sophia with a plant on her head in front of a blue background
Photography by Katie Coon Photography

Roma Patel: Founder, Tejari & Co. Inc.

Why She Inspires Us: Roma is making mealtime for moms-on-the-go a lot tastier and easier with her line of tasty, superfood protein blends, Tejari.

Roma Patel with her product Tejari on counter
Photography by Heather Carraway

Dr. Jonathan Goss: CEO, Emergent Testing

Why He Inspires Us: Jonathan took on the COVID-19 testing crisis by opening his own testing company, Emergent Testing.

Dr. Goss in navy scrubs leaning against brick wall
Photography by Takia Lamb
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