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Sammie Hasen: Inventor & Women’s Health Advocate

Sammie Hasen: Inventor & Women’s Health Advocate

Sammie Hasen

Sammie Hasen: CEO, medsur, Inc.

Why She Inspires Us: Sammie is addressing obstacles in feminine health by creating products for women that are actually designed by women with her company, medsur, Inc.

“How can men possibly make a product that they will never use?” That was the question that started Sammie on her path to creating her own consumer healthcare company, medsur, Inc. After talking with over 300 women about their obstacles when it came to feminine health, she came up with her first product—BCase, a phone case attachment that lets women store their birth control on their phone. Did we mention she’s done all of this while also attending Georgia Tech for biomedical engineering?

The BCase with coffee on brown background
The BCase

Tell us something you’ve learned during your experience with medsur, Inc. that surprised you.

I learned that I am capable of a lot more than I originally thought. I used to think my background in biomedical engineering kept me in a box when it came to roles within the startup. I quickly learned if I can learn something quickly and easily, why add someone else to the team to do it? Now that isn’t always the case … but for the most part, I learned to trust myself.

What do you say to someone else wanting to start a company?

 Make the jump! I know it can be incredibly scary to take that leap because it might not go the way you wanted it to, but you will learn so much either way. A lot of great entrepreneurs have told me the product will never be perfect, and if you try to make it perfect, you are launching too late. Nothing is better than validation from customers, but you really can’t get that until you take the leap.

Do you have any other product ideas in the works?

I was developing a different idea before I came up with BCase, and I left it on the back burner for the time being. I fully intend to revisit and develop the idea once I have the financial means to do so. I want to create a suite of innovative products for women and this is just the start.

How do you balance running a company with being a college student?

I have never been in college and not been running some kind of outside endeavor. I think it is actually the best time to run a company because there are things I learn in school that can be applied to the startup and vice versa. I also love to be able to pick my professors’ brains on certain things startup related because a lot of them are entrepreneurs themselves.

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