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Roma Patel: Nutrition Neoteric & Multitasking Mom

Roma Patel: Nutrition Neoteric & Multitasking Mom

Roma Patel with her product Tejari on counter

Roma Patel: Founder, Tejari & Co. Inc.

Why She Inspires Us: Roma is making mealtime for moms-on-the-go a lot tastier and easier with her line of tasty, superfood protein blends, Tejari.

The birth of Smyrna-based Tejari & Co. Inc. came as no surprise from the nutrition-minded Patel family. Smart food choices have always been their priority; it was on-the-go healthy eating that was dragging them down—but not for long. The lack of convenient, smart eating options inspired momma Roma Patel to take matters into her own hands, and the result is a line of organic, vegan protein blends that are delicious, good for you and super easy to use. Here’s to taking tastiness on the road!

Tejari products
Photography by Maya Oren

What inspired you to start Tejari & Co. Inc.?

The inspiration behind Tejari was honestly a mix of my own childhood and how I wanted to raise my boys. Nutrition and wellness have always been important to both my husband and I, so we wanted to make it a priority for our family. However, with such a hectic lifestyle, traveling often and limited time for self-care, I desperately needed healthy to be easier. So, I looked for convenient options that didn’t include empty calories, tons of added sugar or cheap ingredients. Easy, right? Not so much. Unfortunately, this pursuit failed miserably. So, just like that, I decided to partner with the most incredible nutritionists and food scientists I know to push all the boundaries. The result? Organic, vegan protein blends with simple ingredients that are delicious, good for you, and beyond enjoyable to incorporate into your day in various ways.

What makes Tejari stand out from other companies in the industry?

 Too often, many of us are left making sacrifices when it comes to our food and our health. Now, more than ever, the food industry is prioritizing convenience over clean, whole food options. With Tejari, you can have it all—nutritious, easy-to-incorporate protein with ingredients straight from the earth; so you never have to choose between your schedule and your health again. My go-to is Organic Blueberry + Spinach. It’s subtly sweet, full of antioxidants, high in fiber and lower on the glycemic index.

As a busy mom, how do you balance working and taking care of a family?

 It’s definitely tough! I realized I needed to adapt to this new way of living and working. So, I completely rearranged my calendar to allow time with my two young boys, as well as efficiency with my work. Naturally, my husband and I are sharing the juggle, which is why having a strong support system is invaluable! In addition, at the heart of our brand is a commitment to giving back—starting from day one. We’re excited to support Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

What have you learned on this journey that you want to share with others?

The best piece of advice I was given is to embrace change. That’s taught me that it’s OK for your passion to remain your passion and not your career. But when your passion solves a problem and has an opportunity to improve people’s lives, believe in yourself and pursue it with everything you have.

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