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Jesslyn Rollins: Compassionate CEO & Hydration Hero

Jesslyn Rollins: Compassionate CEO & Hydration Hero

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Jesslyn Rollins: CEO, BIOLYTE

Why She Inspires Us: Jesslyn helped build the family business, BIOLYTE, into a multi-million dollar company and wore a lot of different hats to do it.

Buckhead’s Jesslyn Rollins became CEO of BIOLYTE as a way to leave a family legacy. Alongside her full-time physician father, Dr. Trey Rollins III, they wanted to found a company from family roots to help other families thrive. Inspired by the relief IV nutrients brought Jesslyn’s mother during breast cancer treatment, they combined the science of sports drinks, Mother Nature and hospital-grade hydration to create a remedy that might change the health game for everyone—that’s quite a legacy.

As a CEO, how do you stay motivated when things get tough?

I know this is an annoying answer as the CEO of a hydration company, but other than getting good sleep and eating the rainbow, it’s imperative to drink lots of water. Honestly, I am a nicer, better and smarter person when I can check that box along with the others.

BIOLYTE's new Tropical flavor
BIOLYTE’s new Tropical flavor

What has been the most memorable part of founding BIOLYTE?

The story of how Jason Miller, our national sales director, came to join us is still my favorite. He is a juggernaut in the beverage world, so when I called him for a phone introduction—in my bathrobe, already perfecting the art of working from home—I was surprised to hear that we were at the top of his list of companies to work for. My efforts of ‘fake it ’til you make it’ were working!

How do you hope BIOLYTE will change people’s lives?

Our hope is to make a massive impact on people’s health. Just one bottle of BIOLYTE has seven and a half times more electrolytes than sports drinks and 1.5 times more electrolytes than children’s rehydration products, plus natural ingredients that boost energy, ease stomach illness and reduce muscle cramps. We were made with one goal in mind: to help you feel better, and the result is an amazing product that can do a lot of good. From an employee standpoint, I would like to create a work environment that is a gold standard of how you treat your people. A place where individuals can excel because we have provided them the tools, resources, and love they need to grow.

What are some organizations/ways you like to give back to the community?

The Lovett School and their Theatre Department. That school and their Theatre program welcomed me with open arms. I’m so much smarter and confident in my unique abilities because I went there. I am a very involved member of the Alumni Association helping raise funds and plan events.

What advice would you give another business starting from the ground up?

Enthusiasm and passion are the key ingredients to success in the early days. They are the only things you have when you don’t have any sales, and people may just give you a chance solely because you have promise.

As a UGA alum, do you have plans to land a deal with the Georgia Bulldogs? 

Absolutely, I’ll be my Dad’s favorite daughter if I do that!

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