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Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Larsen Shares Top Treatments to Look 10 Years Younger

Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alan Larsen Shares Top Treatments to Look 10 Years Younger

Advice, Tips and More from Facial Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. Alan Larsen, Plastic Surgeon at Buckhead Plastic Surgery

A common misconception is that plastic surgery is synonymous with vanity. But what Dr. Alan Larsen and his team at Buckhead Plastic Surgery know is that the truth is people are living longer and they simply want to look as good as they feel Inside. With more than 20 years in existence, its boutique experience continues to deliver on that truth, helping men and women feel and look their best, no matter what age they are.

What top tips do you have for looking your best?

Wear sunscreen every day, stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise regularly and work to reduce stress. As a bonus, consuming antioxidants will help fight free radicals that contribute to aging. Procedures like laser therapy can help lighten, brighten and even skin tone along with renewing skin texture. All of these can be a catalyst for a more youthful appearance.

What is your advice for helping people look and feel 10 years younger?

For people over 45, surgical options can garner dramatic results. This may include blepharoplasty and a full facelift in addition to skin-rejuvenating procedures like laser resurfacing, chemical peels and microneedling. We work with clients individually to create custom packages and treatment plans that commonly utilize multiple services to achieve their ideal outcome.

What new programs are you most eager to share with clients?

We started Elite Testing & Wellness to help people take their health into their own hands and reach their wellness goals. We are offering IV therapy, NAD+ therapy, BHRT, micronutrient testing, food sensitivity testing, DNA diet and fitness testing and more. In addition to this, we are on the leading edge of offering the newest technologies in lasers and similar devices for skin rejuvenation treatments at LUX Med Spa.

What is the one thing that challenges you most about your industry?

Trying to help patients have realistic expectations. Despite what social media shows, most surgical procedures we do are completely dependent on a person’s bone and body structure. Educating the patient to ensure they understand what their individual results would look like increases the likelihood of patient satisfaction after surgery.

What nonprofit organization is most important to you?

I provide breast reconstructive surgery for patients who have fought breast cancer and advocate for The Breast Reconstruction Awareness campaign sponsored by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Our mission is to educate, engage and empower women to decide what is best for them following a breast cancer diagnosis, including education about their choices for reconstruction when undergoing a mastectomy and ensuring adequate access for reconstructive surgery.

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