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Curious About Hair Restoration? Dr. Daniel Lee Answers Your Questions

Curious About Hair Restoration? Dr. Daniel Lee Answers Your Questions

Dr. Lee and Dr. Anderson

Advice, Tips, and More from Hair Restoration Expert

Daniel Lee, MD, FACS, Hair Restoration Surgeon at Anderson Center for Hair

Dr. Daniel Lee, along with his partner, Dr. Ken Anderson, are two of the most sought-after hair restoration experts in the world. Their extensive training, decades of hands-on experience and multifaceted resumes result in the absolute best options for their patients at Anderson Center for Hair. Combined with a passion for people, they’re doing more than changing hairstyles … they’re changing lives.

What are some proactive measures people should consider when it comes to their future health or appearance?

When you first begin to notice any thinning or hair loss, talk with someone right then. Hair is a finite resource and you cannot get a transplant from another person. Prevention at the very first signs of loss instead of when it has gotten so bad you cannot tolerate it anymore will give you a very substantial advantage long term.

What are some of the misconceptions about your industry or what you do?

Most people have seen bad scars or poor results—pluggy and unnatural. However, so much has changed. It’s not your father’s hair transplant anymore. In fact, with the advent of bio-enhanced hair restoration surgery in the last few years, it isn’t even your older brother’s hair transplant anymore. The results are 100% natural and it looks like the hair has always been there, not like a person put the hair back surgically.

What new products, procedures or programs are you most eager to share with clients?

We’ve just begun to offer a new regenerative medicine procedure that enables your body to turn back the clock by improving the appearance of thinning hair. In this procedure, the regenerative properties of stem cells are harnessed to produce healthier, thicker hair.

What can you tell potential clients about determining if a hair loss treatment facility is credible or not?

I always say the best thing about hair restoration is it is permanent, and the worst thing about hair restoration is it is permanent. Ask the facility how long they’ve been doing hair restoration surgery. Have they performed hair restoration on people similar to you? What type and how much training do they have? Who will actually be performing your surgery? And ask for before and after pictures.

What is the best part about your job?

Because hair restoration is immensely private and personal, it is not shared and talked about like other cosmetic procedures. The best compliment is when a new patient shares that one of our previous patients referred them. I know it sounds cliché, but it means something different in hair restoration. Most people want to keep it their little secret. So, when a patient steps out of that comfort zone and shares their experience with someone else, I value that highly because I know it is not done lightly.

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