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Kim Bearden’s New Parenting Book: “Talk to Me”

Kim Bearden’s New Parenting Book: “Talk to Me”

Book cover, "Talk to Me" by Kim bearden.
Kim Bearden's new book, "Talk To Me".
Kim Bearden’s new book, “Talk To Me”.

Honest and open communication between parents and children is a crucial part of a healthy relationship, but finding the right words to develop rapport can be far from easy. National Teacher Hall of Fame member and 2011 Over 40 & Fabulous! cover winner, Kim Bearden, has released an instructional book to help guardians do just that. In “Talk to Me: Find the Right Words to Inspire, Encourage, and Get Things Done,” the mother of four shares six key principles for effective communication to help adults gain respect, provide support, engage listeners, and more.

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