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How to Find Your Flow: Keeping Your Energy Pathways Open

How to Find Your Flow: Keeping Your Energy Pathways Open

By India Leigh

You were taught that you have one body, but did you know you actually have four? You have a physical body, true. But you also have a mental, emotional and energetic body. While our energetic and physical “selves” are always connected to and in flow with the rhythms of the earth and the laws of the universe, our mental and emotional selves can get blocked by the perceptions and experiences of life. When this happens, it can be like a fallen tree in a river.

Our inner energy pathways and guidance system can become closed off. But with an awareness of, curiosity about and willingness to feel your way through your inner sticky places, you can practice keeping your energy pathways as clear as possible.

Why is it essential to keep your energy pathways open?

Energy alignment is the degree to which you’re in tune with your inner guidance and soul purpose. Throughout your life your mental and emotional bodies are informed by experience and filled with messages designed to help you survive and succeed. While seemingly helpful, these messages can sometimes block out your “gut” feelings and energy. As you challenge and quiet these unconscious mental patterns and listen more to your inner guidance system, you’ll become increasingly attuned to what you intrinsically desire.

How will I know if my energy pathways are open or closed?

Fear in any form will put you in a place of closed energy, while intuition will put you in a place of opening. Fear will lead you in the same circle over and over again. You’ll know that you’re moving in a closed cycle of fear when you start to notice the same unhealthy, unsatisfying dynamics in your relationships, work or any area of your life. If you feel like you’re running up against the same wall repeatedly, you may be caught in an unconscious fear cycle.

But if you think, “This is scary; I’m expanding, and it feels like a trust fall,” you’re open and listening to your intuition. Keep going. When you listen to your intuition, you’ll feel like you’re growing. You’ll feel like you’re moving into new territory you’ve never been in before. And it will feel somewhat familiar like, “Oh wow, this is what I’m intended to do. This is who I truly am.”

What habits can you practice to keep your pathways open?

The most effective daily mantra to keep your energy in a place of openness is, “I don’t know. Please show me, Universe/Source/Higher self. Thank you.” When you wake up in the morning and choose not to listen to the conditioning and the automatic instructions of your mind that say, “Do things this way, stay away from this, fear that…,” and you move in the direction of what your intuition is telling you to do. Your soul and the universe have a way of confirming that you’re on the right track. You might be doing something that looks crazy to the mind (and possibly other people), but you’ll receive such strong soul confirmation in the form of things working out, undeniable signs and synchronicities that you’ll know undoubtedly you’re in alignment.

How can you keep positive energy flowing when you feel like shutting down?

Staying in high vibration is something most of us always seek to do. But there’s a harmful misconception that staying in high vibration means staying positive or happy. A forced positive outlook is not necessarily high-vibrational. When you’re fully exploring your fears without any resistance, or moving through something incredibly painful, you can be extremely high vibrational.

Having an open energy flow means you are fully experiencing what you’re being asked to do with as little inner resistance as possible. Resistance is the mind saying, “This should not be this way.” Instead, move into the pain or fear, asking it, “What are you showing me? Where are you taking me? Why are you here? What is the message?” Then it becomes very high vibrational because you’re surfing it and riding that inner wave into something new.

Intuitive reader, spiritual teacher, clairvoyant, energy healer and certified coach India Leigh empowers others to come into connection with their own co-creative power, aligning their energy, thoughts, words and actions with their soul-centered goals, greatest good and highest purpose.

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