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Restoring Control

Restoring Control

“For more than four decades, I’ve maintained the way my body looks, the way my face looks, but my hair was the one thing that I wasn’t happy with,” says Vince Cellini, a celebrity sportscaster who underwent hair restoration surgery at Anderson Center for Hair last year. “Letting it turn silver was one thing—letting it fall out was another.”

It wasn’t simply a vanity issue for Cellini—it was business. Because of his career on television, he believed his hair loss had an impact on the persona he presented to the public. In his field, that is a pretty big deal. “Anything that detracts from me focusing on my job and what I have to do to deliver information and highlights, scores and news was going to be a detriment.”

Vince Cellini with Before Photo

He took the leap, choosing Anderson because it was the place with the
best reputation, the place he felt most comfortable and the place that listened to his concerns and worked alongside him on what he was
looking for in terms of results.

As the first center in Georgia to offer the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, Anderson Center for Hair can bring their patients, like Cellini, dramatic results with this patented hair restoration technology. Using both the linear (grafts are taken from a thin strip of tissue at the back of the scalp) and FUE (individual grafts are taken from the back of the scalp, eliminating a linear scar) methods, treatment plans and results are customizable, realistic and life changing.

“This was about achieving something that I wanted,” said Cellini. “I think it was the one thing about myself that I really wasn’t completely happy with. I couldn’t do anything about it. It was the one thing I couldn’t control. Anderson was the way I could get that control back, and have a look that I wanted to achieve.”

And that’s a win.

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