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2020 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Hair Restoration—Dr. Ken Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair

2020 Over 40 & Fabulous! Advisory Board: Hair Restoration—Dr. Ken Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair

Dr. Ken Anderson smiles at the camera

In 2003, Dr. Ken Anderson discovered the field of hair restoration surgery as the perfect combination of his love for both art and medicine. He left the field of facial reconstructive surgery and has since worked to change both lives and the reputation of the niche anti-aging field, to the tune of some of the happiest patients he’s ever seen.

A Growing Reputation

Even with some of the most pleased patients in the medical eld, he continues to battle the excess of misinformation that both men and women initially have when they come to see him about hair loss.

“Because hair restoration is immensely private and personal, it is not shared and talked about like other cosmetic procedures,” says Anderson. “There are a lot of unknowns and fears that can cause hesitation or anxiety. We work hard to educate our patients about hair loss and hair restoration options to overcome those things.”

Educating their clients is how Anderson and his staff work to stand apart from their competition. In addition, with hair restoration surgery as their sole focus, rather than amongst a long menu of cosmetic procedures, the triple-board-certified surgeon can work on honing his expertise and techniques. That includes bringing the first ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration system to Georgia, followed by the iX ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration system.

Through robotics, regenerative medicine and more, he’s worked with the industry to evolve hair restoration into an anti-aging agent that delivers 100% natural results, debunking those prior misconceptions, and inspiring people to start talking about it.

Unlocked Potential

“When you lose your hair, it can have serious psychological effects. Restoring hair restores youth, confidence, and self-esteem,” said Anderson. “Patients will style their new hair and send me pictures of their new look. Patients find themselves in new relationships or tackling new professional challenges with newfound self-esteem and self-image. They’re always shocked at how easy the entire process is.”

Delivering that feeling through a philosophy founded on being the best version of yourself at any age, is what drives Anderson.

“I love everything about what I do—it is a dream come true,” said Anderson. “I am able to take my passions and help others regain their confidence. When our patients feel good about themselves and how they look, they are more con dent, more outgoing. It changes how other people perceive them because it has changed how they perceive themselves.”

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