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Discover You Through Human Design with Jessica Calderon

Discover You Through Human Design with Jessica Calderon

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Imagine embarking on a journey of self-exploration that is unlike any you have ever gone on before. Through Human Design, you can do just that.

This blueprint tool is used to shed light on your energetic DNA, allowing you to understand how you exchange energy in this world and align with your highest potential in all areas of your life.

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom from astrology, the chakra system, kabbalah and the Chinese “I Ching” text with the science of quantum physics, genetics and astronomy to bring an accurate expression of who you are. Energy shaman and founder of The J Way LLC, Jessica Calderon is one of the only practitioners offering this insightful experience in Atlanta.

During a 60-minute Human Design video session with her, you will discover your energy (aura), type (e.g., projector) and understand how to create more flow in your life. Expect to learn how to master your energy, navigate your world through your strategy (e.g., waiting for the invitation) and authority, and reveal specific themes such as bitterness or burnout that show up when you are not living your design. At times, Calderon also incorporates meditation and/or clearing techniques into her sessions for added support. Once the session is complete, you’ll walk away with your own Human Design chart and guidance on how you can experience life in a way that is fulfilling and nourishing.


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