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Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth: Anti-Aging Treatments for Men

Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth: Anti-Aging Treatments for Men

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Dr. Elizabeth of Atlanta Face & BodyQ: What are the areas, or issues, that today’s men struggle with the most?

More and more men are coming to Atlanta Face & Body to look younger, feel younger and be the best man they can be. There are several “trouble” areas that male patients want to address. They would like to lose a few inches around their waist, eliminate their double chin, remove wrinkles and lines on their face, get rid of bags under their eyes. Then, there’s the age-old problems with hair. Either they have too much hair on their body or not enough hair on their heads. We can help with all of these issues.

Q: What are the surgical procedures available to help men? 

Different areas of the body can be addressed several different ways. As far surgical procedures go, men can get a Signature Face Lift, which will help tighten up loose skin in their neck and jowls. We offer blepharoplasty to lift sagging eyelids and eliminate bags under the eye. There are also minimal invasive procedures such as SmartLipo which can remove unwanted fat in the abdomen.

Q: What are the best alternatives to surgery for men who are trying to lose a few inches?

Atlanta Face & Body offers several fat-reducing procedures that are painless, non-invasive, require no down time and are easier on the wallet. Ultherapy, typically used in the neck area, stimulates collagen production by delivering ultrasound energy to the skin and the layers beneath the skin. is jump starts the natural process of producing new collagen which lifts and tightens the skin. We also offer body-sculpting solutions like Vanquish and SculpSure®.Both of these target stubborn areas and damage fat cells in order for the body to naturally process them away. Vanquish uses radiofrequency energy and SculpSure® is a laser-treatment, light-based technology. More recently, FDA-approved SculpSure® is becoming very popular for men to reduce their double chin.

Q: What about Dermal fillers for men? What issues can these treat?

Dermal fillers are very good at reducing wrinkles and lines for men, especially on the forehead and around the eyes. I believe in these areas that “less can be more.” We can reduce signs of aging but still retain a masculine look with a conservative approach to injections. In fact, one of our most recent patients, Stan Lewis, received treatments of Radiesse® and Belotero Balance® dermal fillers for a lower face makeover. The results were so outstanding, he has been selected as one of the 5 Faces of America Grand Prize winners.

Q: Finally, what can you offer men suffering from hair loss?

Atlanta Face & Body offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair erapy for thinning hair and hair loss. PRP can improve hair health and encourage the regrowth of hair using your body’s own growth factors. is treatment is best suited to focal areas of thinning hair. e best results occur with a series of injections typically spaced a month apart. PRP appears to stimulate hair growth by re-activating dormant follicles resulting in healthier thicker hair.

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