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My One-Day Midtown Getaway at Loews Atlanta Hotel

My One-Day Midtown Getaway at Loews Atlanta Hotel

Lowe's Hotel Lifestyle Suite

By Laura J. Downey

I truly have been trying to slow down. A normal day for me has me going from work to an after-work happening (this can range from my basketball game to church activities) and then home to take care of a million things before tackling my homework (yes, I’m in school again!) with enough time to get in bed and get some rest before starting my day all over again. So when my body tells me that it’s time to take a break, I always listen to it.

Loews Atlanta Hotel - Lifestyle Suit

With that in mind, I booked the Lifestyle Suite at Loews Atlanta Hotel for a mini staycation. I packed an overnight bag and requested an early check-in so I could go to the spa and relax before my Fusion massage. When I dropped off my vehicle at valet, I knew I was ready to disconnect from the world. I checked in and headed to my suite. Once there, I put down my belongings and went straight to Exhale. I exchanged my caftan for the spa’s comfy robe.

I didn’t even try to trick myself into reading a magazine before my treatment. I grabbed a heated neck wrap, put my feet up on the ottoman in the women’s lounge and I closed my eyes. About 45 minutes later, I noticed a couple of other ladies had joined me. And then as I stayed in this relaxed state, I heard a therapist call my name.

When I got to the treatment room, I selected a lavender-scented oil. It is called Restore and its primary purpose is to soothe and heal the body while providing relief for sore and stiff muscles. Then, I got comfortable on the massage table and waited for Kelly Sanders, the therapist, to come back in the room. She applied Loews Atlanta Hotel Milk & Cookieslight-to-medium pressure during this full-body massage. I was in heaven! When it was all said and done, I didn’t want to get off the table. But, I did. It was time for me to head back to the suite so I could order room service in my jammies.

As soon as I opened the door, a special treat was waiting for me on the kitchenette’s counter. Deliciously soft chocolate chip cookies made by Laquita George, the hotel’s pastry supervisor, a charcuterie board filled with some of my favorite raw cow’s milk cheeses (Jersey Girl and Out of Ashes) from Woodsman + Wife Cheese, housemade jam infused with a pineapple cinnamon flavor, and chocolate-covered strawberries with champagne awaited me. I immediately grabbed a cookie. From there, I taste-tested the cheeses and then picked up the cordless phone to order room service. (Please note: I did it the old-school way. I could have used the property’s “Chat Your Service” text message number to do everything from order food to request a wake-up call).

I was craving restaurant chef Mike Manley’s Saltwood Signature Burger with fries. While I was waiting for it to be delivered, I spent time admiring the suite. The 772-square-foot room comes with a Peloton bike, a king-size bed, large bathroom with tub and Julien Farel amenities, complimentary Wi-Fi, and much more. I relished every inch of that room and my cozy bed.

Saltwood Charcuterie & Bar_Saltwood Burger Up CloseBy the time the food came, I bit into two juicy patties with aged cheddar and bacon, and needless to say, I was in my happy place. I finished off my meal with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream before crawling back into bed and dozing.

The next day when it was time for me to check out (you can utilize the hotel’s Video Checkout via the menu button on any of the flat-screen televisions in your room), I vowed I’d be back sooner rather than later. So within three days, I returned to take a high-intensity interval training class called HIIT 30 with the super chipper and motivating instructor, Amelia Pavlik. And a few days after that, I went back to try Exhale’s brand-new Recovery Class, which was perfect for helping me stretch out every part of my body. All you need is a foam roller, mat, and belt (they are provided!) for 50 minutes of pure body therapy.

The Recovery Class at Exhale
The Recovery Class at Exhale

If you’re in need of a staycation, no need to travel far. Head to the heart of the city for the perfect getaway—Loews Atlanta Hotel has you covered. The property offers its Loews Loves Pets program where dogs and cats get gourmet room service menus, pet-walking and pet-sitting, and specialized bedding. The Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel even offers a Loews Loves Families program where you can bring the kids with you (children under 18 stay free!) and partake in activities (think activity guides for exploring) that scream family fun.

Details: 1065 Peachtree St. NE., Atlanta, GA, 30309,

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