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Is This My Intuition or Is It Fear?

Is This My Intuition or Is It Fear?

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By India Leigh

With all of the shifts and challenges of the past year, we seem to be constantly feeling afraid. But is what we’re feeling the challenge of spiritual growth or the limiting fear of the mind? The two can feel maddeningly similar at times, but there are a few tools you can use to discern whether what you’re feeling is the natural apprehension of growth or fear from the ego trying to hold you back.

What is your body telling you? One of the best, most accurate ways to tell what is fear and what is your soul guidance is to pay attention to your body. Ego fear can feel like someone has pulled the fire alarm inside you. Your heart races, your mind screams and you may even experience acute symptoms like headache, muscle spasm, stomach distress and more. These can be indicators that your mind is trying to control things, distract you from ego-intimidating inner guidance or “protect” you from a challenging growth opportunity.

When you are making a choice, and you’re not sure if the fear you’re feeling is your mind or intuition, write down a list of the reasons you WOULD take the action in question, then list the reasons you WOULD NOT do it. Compare them. One will likely be filled with reasons that are clearly of the rational mind/ego; the other will be made of heart-based reasons. Go with the decision tied to the heart’s list. It will scare the mind, but your intuition will show you the way.

Ask yourself some key questions. When you are feeling anything like this (and you’ve eliminated the possibility of a medical problem), stop and ask yourself: “What am I feeling in my heart? What are the stories my mind is telling me right now? Are they true? What is the little child version of me feeling/ experiencing?” Gently thank your body for bringing your attention to the fears of the future and limiting stories from the past playing in your mind, breathe deeply, and let your body and mind know it’s safe to come into the present moment, let go and follow your intuition.

Listen for the quiet voice. Unlike the shrill bells and whistles of the mind, the sound of intuition is soft and calming, yet strong and confident. This is why doing a daily practice of quieting the mind is so important. Once you’ve tuned in to your body and listened to what your mind has to say about what it’s afraid of, you are ready to receive the messages, signs and opportunities being sent to you through your intuition. You may experience chills in your body, visions and sounds, slight dizziness or other extrasensory signals that you are connecting to your intuition.

Be prepared. Since the path of soul expansion is more of a wild roller coaster than a predictable boat ride, the guidance you receive will undoubtedly challenge you to stretch outside your comfort zone. It will require you to face deep-seated childhood fears around not being loved and survival fears that originate far back in your ancestry. Facing down the intense apprehension of the ego-mind and choosing to take that next leap of faith is a challenging yet exhilarating process. Have compassion for yourself always and know that you are supported every step of the way.

Spirit intuitive reader, clairvoyant and coach India Leigh empowers others to come into more connection with their own divine creative power, aligning their energy, thoughts, words and actions with their greatest good and highest purpose. 

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