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Hear the Difference with Peachtree Hearing

Hear the Difference with Peachtree Hearing


Dr. Melissa Wikoff at Peachtree Hearing will change the way you experience sound.
The award-winning doctor offers patients first-rate technology, custom treatment plans, and more.

Dr. Melissa Wikoff started her career in audiology for a pretty straightforward reason—her grandfathers. One too many special moments interrupted by hearing aid feedback gave her the fuel she needed as a college student to pursue something better for them. Her mentor at the National Institutes of Health illustrated how she could change lives through hearing, and the rest is history. She opened Peachtree Hearing in 2016 and has been helping patients—young and old—ever since.

“As a new mother, it was important for my work to feel meaningful if I wasn’t staying home with my kids,” says Dr. Wikoff, a mom of two young children. “In my field,
I get the chance to change lives. I get to help people stay connected, active, and live happier lives. That makes a big difference to me. Owning my own practice allows me to maximize what I think is important.”

With her finger on the pulse of technology, patients have more options for hearing aids. Practically invisible and able to connect to your iPhone, they double as headphones, fitness trackers, and microphones. They’re remotely programmable, meaning Dr. Wikoff, who is on the board of the American Tinnitus Association, can help patients living in Mexico, vacationing on 30A, or stuck on the other side of town.

As a boutique practice, Dr. Wikoff also has the freedom to offer unmatched versatility in affordability and choice. That includes earwax removal and balance testing, in-ear monitors for musicians, prosthetics for actors, and custom protective earpieces for hunters and concertgoers.


“My patients get someone who really understands how hearing science works,” Dr. Wikoff says. “They also have access to the most technologically advanced and highly customizable options, largely because we offer the widest range of different hearing aid manufacturers, models, and price ranges. We also spend time getting to know our patients so that we can make a recommendation that is right for every part of their lifestyle and hearing loss. Your hearing loss may look the same as someone else’s on paper, but every patient perceives sound differently. Their needs are different, their brains process sound differently, and they’re going to want and need different things out of their hearing aids.”

Dr. Wikoff exercises her passion outside the realm of her immediate patient Rolodex. As a certified yoga instructor, she teaches chair yoga to improve core strength and balance in seniors and caretakers. Since 2017, she’s fitted 25 (and counting) Holocaust survivors with high-end hearing aids through her nonprofit, Hearing for Holocaust Survivors, giving them not only the gift of hearing, but care for life.

“The bottom line is, I don’t want my patients to go through life feeling like they have a loss,” Dr. Wikoff says. “I want them to overcome that loss so that they can reconnect with friends and family and the things that are important to them. To be able to hear is to participate in life, and nobody should go without that. For instance, hearing a funny joke from a grandkid, attending a performance, having a conversation with family over dinner … I don’t want anyone to miss important moments like these.”

Sounds and Silence

As one of the only practitioners in Georgia working to treat tinnitus (a sensation of noise in the ears), Dr. Melissa Wikoff uses her expertise to relieve symptoms like hearing ringing in the ears, insomnia, and dizziness with advanced technology and therapy. That can include mindfulness or cognitive behavioral therapy in conjunction with sound therapy.

“I studied mindfulness right here in East Cobb at East Cobb Yoga and Mindfulness with Lisa Wellstead,” Dr. Wikoff says. “I have found it to be very effective as part of a multidisciplinary approach to treating tinnitus. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so with a network of specialists, we can develop a highly customized treatment plan for each individual patient.”

In East Cobb, the Wikoffs frequent Camps Kitchen & Bar for its Spaghettini Pomodoro and Rhythm Dance Center for tap dancing. Plus, they also volunteer at Aloha to Aging where they spend time with seniors.

Peachtree Hearing,,
4939 Lower Roswell Rd., #107, Marietta, 470-485-4327.

The content for this article is brought to you by Peachtree Hearing.

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