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Feel Like Yourself Again with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Feel Like Yourself Again with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Dr. Naureen Adam
(L to R): Dr. Nazanin Jafarian, Dr. Naureen Adam
(L to R): Dr. Nazanin Jafarian, Dr. Naureen Adam

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, there’s no need to slog through fatigue, mental fog, anxiety or other aging side effects. This modern method makes patients feel like themselves again and can even boost health.

What’s better than a double board-certified physician taking a natural approach to health and wellness? Two physicians with that unique set of perfected skills and passion for their patients. At MDn2 Aesthetics and Wellness, Dr. Naureen Adam and Dr. Nazanin Jafarian are a powerhouse team that help men and women reverse the negative side effects of aging.

“When you first come in for a consultation, you’ll probably talk to both of us,” says Dr. Adam. “People can reach us whenever they need to and we’re both going to know each person off the top of our head. We work synergistically and make their experience truly amazing.”

Most amazing is the way they’re modernizing hormone replacement therapy. Using bioidentical molecules through pellet therapy, they help both men and women feel like themselves again. The treatment requires a small incision, then a dosage pellet is inserted that lasts three to five months, depending on that individual’s needs, activity level, and gender. It provides a steady stream of hormones over time, unlike messy creams or injections, and allows the physicians to tweak dosages as the patient’s needs evolve. “A patient’s treatment plan is not one-size- ts-all. It has to be unique to them,” Dr. Nazanin Jafarian says.

“Our delivery method and the fact that we use bioidentical molecules is what makes [this type of] hormone replacement superior,” Dr. Adam says. “Hormones that have been used in the past are from another species and they do not resemble the actual human molecule, which can lead to issues like stroke, heart attack, etcetera. Because bioidentical molecules are made from plants, they exactly replicate the human molecule. They’re more preventative when it comes to cancer and that kind of thing than we’ve known hormones to be, traditionally.”

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 12.27.43 PMSeeing the transformation patients experience after the treatment is what brings both doctors the most joy. “We had one woman who was working on her Ph.D. and now had the energy to do everything she needed to do and was more motivated than ever. She lost 20 pounds and looked like a completely different person,” says Dr. Adam. And knowing that they are a part of helping clients live their best life at any age is what keeps this dynamic duo motivated every day. | |

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