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Is Weight Gain and Muscle Loss Inevitable Over 40?

Is Weight Gain and Muscle Loss Inevitable Over 40?

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Q: Is weight gain and loss of muscle inevitable when you are over 40?

A: Exercise is vital to protecting muscle mass, reducing the risk of heart disease, protecting bone mass, stress relief and promoting healthy brain function. Remember that this is a critical time when hormonal decline and dysfunction contribute to lower metabolism, weight gain, lower energy and insulin resistance. If you are seeing signs of muscle loss and weight gain despite working out and eating right, it is time to check your hormones. Optimizing your hormones can increase energy and mood and help you maintain a healthy, powerful body well into your later years. If this all makes sense, call for your complimentary consultation at Vital Living Healthcare to discuss how we can help you with healthcare designed for an optimal life.

Dr. Paul Cox, author of How Healthy are your hormones?
Dr. Paul Cox


Paul E. Cox, MD, MS- Vital Living Healthcare


Learn more about Hormones from Dr. Cox here.

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