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Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Q: Who is the ideal candidate for hormone replacement therapy?

A: Candidates for HRT include women who are suffering from menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms. These can include hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, mood swings, weight gain and low libido. Men with low testosterone often experience weight gain, fatigue, stress, lower libido and erectile dysfunction. These symptoms are commonly alleviated for both with appropriate HRT treatment.

Surprisingly, there are very few contraindications to appropriately used HRT. Candidates should stop or reduce tobacco use, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, maintain a healthy body composition, get preventive screening procedures and exercise at least 90 minutes weekly. HRT is a part of a greater commitment to a more vital and healthy life, not just a quick fix.

It’s important to talk with an experienced HRT provider about your medical history and current symptoms to decide if HRT will work as a part of your long-term commitment to optimal health.

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