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What Causes Back Pain When Working From Home?

What Causes Back Pain When Working From Home?

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If you’ve been working from home for a while and are noticing lower back pain that lingers, it could be caused by your home office setup. Working longer hours, not having a supportive chair and poor posture can all lead to back pain. 

According to Dr. Bharara, the stress from juggling life at home can also increase pain due to ramped-up cortisol, muscle tightness, shallow breathing and decreased circulation throughout the body. Without the usual distractions from work, people find that their back pain from working at home happens after sitting for 3-4 hours or more without getting up. That extended sitting leads to poor posture, ultimately leading to pain.

Constant back pain when working from home can make completing everyday tasks difficult. Don’t wait to do something about it. Visit your neighborhood Perimeter Orthopaedics office where we can help eliminate the irritation, pain and stress from your new work from home setup. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bharara.


Dr. Aashish Bharara
Dr. Aashish Bharara

Aashish Bharara, M.D.
Perimeter Orthopaedics

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