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Day 25 of fitness- Jumping Fitness at BodyJump Fitness

Day 25 of fitness- Jumping Fitness at BodyJump Fitness

Body Jump class group photo.
(L to R) co-owner and instructor Nesrien Morris, Best Self Staffer Wyndi Kappes
(L to R) co-owner and instructor Nesrien Morris, Best Self Staffer Wyndi Kappes

Name of fitness facility

BodyJump Fitness

Name and length of class

Jumping Fitness – 1 hour

Name of instructor

Nesrien Morris

What do attendees need to know before class starts?

There is plenty of parking in front of the studio just make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes to check in, claim your spot, and get your heart rate monitor.

How would you describe this workout? How does it compare to similar classes you’ve taken?

This workout isn’t like anything I have ever done. If you are like me and dread working out this is the perfect alternative. Instead of feeling like you are doing a difficult and draining workout, this class easily puts you in the mindset of being a kid again. I was lacking energy and willpower when I arrived at the class early Saturday morning but quickly became energized with the lively music and how much fun I was having jumping on the trampoline.

Nesrien explained to me that unlike other trampoline classes, the trampolines at BodyJump were larger and let you engage in more movement and really enjoy a variety of types of jumping, from power jumping to rebound jumps.

Best Self Staffer Wyndi Kappes mid jump!
Best Self Staffer Wyndi Kappes mid jump!

What muscle groups did this class work the most? Was it a great workout for your abs, butt, arms, etc.?

This was a full body cardio class but you could definitely feel the emphasis on your legs and your core (which you had to keep tight the entire time to control movements). Even though the workout was pretty leg heavy at the end of the class we spent time doing planks, pushups, and a variety of different exercises to engage our upper body.

Did the instructor do anything to make the class extra special?

Nesrien did a fantastic job of keeping the energy in the room fun and light but also pushing you to do your personal best. After illustrating the next movement she would walk around the room helping individuals with their form and encouraging them to push harder and longer! Her excitement and encouragement were authentic, by the end of the class you felt like you had made a new friend.

What was the most enjoyable part of the workout?

I loved the entire class, with some of my favorite songs popping up throughout the session! My favorite part of the class was when we did pulsing squats and power jumping. I am always looking for ways to tone my butt and you could really feel the burn during these exercises.

Any other feedback you’d like to give about this Jumping Fitness workout?

My personal workout summary
My personal workout summary

What an amazing way to get in shape while having fun! Many of the class attendees that I spoke to had been members since the inception of the gym, continuously coming back for not just the energetic workout but also the community. Although the class I attended was primarily cardio Nesrien walked me through the variety of classes they have available that can tone and tighten every part of your body. I also loved that after my workout I was sent a summary outlining my workout and all the progress I had made. If you are looking to “jump” into something new this year I would definitely recommend BodyJump.

Details: 3162 Johnson Ferry Rd. #130, Marietta;

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