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Day 19 of Fitness – Beginner Class Timed Workout at JAM Fitness

Day 19 of Fitness – Beginner Class Timed Workout at JAM Fitness

JAM Fitness's workout equipment in gym.

By Amy Smith

(L to R) Best Self staffer A.J. Weston, owner Mike Prosnick, and Best Self staffer Amy Smith
(L to R) Best Self staffer A.J. Weston, owner Mike Prosnick, and Best Self staffer Amy Smith

Name of fitness facility
Just About Me Fitness (JAM Fitness)

Name and length of class
Beginner Class Timed Workout- However long you would like to spend

Name of instructor

Mike Prosnick is the owner/personal trainer at this gym. But there was a video personal trainer at each station!

What do attendees need to know before class starts?

Arrive 15 minutes before your workout/class to fill out personal info online, sign a waiver, get JAM wristband (which gives you access to each workout station and tracks your progress) and heart monitor, which is worn by everyone who attends the gym.

How would you describe this workout?

The workout was completely personalized and self-guided training designed for me based on my goals, which I filled out via an online questionnaire. Everything I did (10 stations) was tracked through my JAM wristband, (given to me upon arrival) my heart rate was monitored (given to me upon arrival) and the results of my workout (how many stations I went to, how many calories I burned etc) were available to me at the gym. The workout summary was also emailed to me an hour after the workout ended.

My individualized workout lasted for about an hour and consisted of guided fitness exercises both aerobic (treadmills, spin bikes, rowing machines, kickboxing, etc.) and anaerobic (wall sits, core training, and balance). Each station had a video personal trainer to demonstrate each exercise and motivational quotes to keep me going.

Owner Mike Prosnick explains a JAM Fitness challenge
Owner Mike Prosnick explains a JAM Fitness challenge

How does it compare to similar classes you’ve taken?

It’s totally different. This workout is all about the technology, personalization, and ease of access. I would check in to one of the 10 stations with my wristband and my name and stats would come up instantly. Soon after a video would start with my personal trainer showing me how to do the exercise correctly. Plus, I went at my own pace! I could have gone at 5am or 5pm or any time in between! It’s a 24/7 facility.

What muscle groups did this class work the most?

The beginning workout was for all muscle groups because that’s what I chose for me. The cool part though is that you have the freedom to choose your workout. If you wanted to focus just on abs or glutes, you could! I selected a workout for everything.

What was the most enjoyable part of the workout?

My favorite part of the workout was having a motivational quote at each station, a personal trainer to show me how to do the exercise correctly, and my independence to train on my own. I also love that as a member of this gym I could stop by anytime as it’s open around the clock. I also loved that at any time you can see how many calories you were burning, and your heart rate. Seeing your results right away and knowing what your next step is to get to your goal is incredibly encouraging.

The JAM Fitness entry way
The JAM Fitness entry way

Any other feedback you’d like to give about this Beginner Class Timed Workout?

You can totally put an achievable plan together to get to your fitness goals. This gym is great for anyone over thirteen and if you need help beyond the self-guided workout, a live personal trainer always available.

I loved the “wall of fitness success stories” which was also very motivational. Fitness is very personal. If you are tired of starting over…stop giving up. This is the place for you!

Details: 4620 Kimble Bridge Rd., Ste. 5, Alpharetta, GA;

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