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Workout instructor leading a circuit class in gym.

By Halen Adair

Jeff Toney , Madison James, and Amy Selig
(L to R) Jeff Toney, Madison James, and Amy Selig

Name of fitness facility


Name and length of class

Fit9 Full Body – 60 minutes

Name of instructor

Jeff Toney

What do attendees need to know before class starts?

Parking is limited out front but you can park in the parking lot across the street for FREE. Bring a water bottle and tennis shoes. Be sure to also grab one of the small towels available, you’ll need it for all the sweat you’re about to drip!

How would you describe this workout? How does it compare to similar classes you’ve taken?

This class is very fast paced with lots of variations. You do three different circuits, each time a little different from the last. I started on the Woodway Curve which is essentially a hardcore treadmill with a curve in it. You set it to different resistances while you manage your own speed, unlike a traditional treadmill where you set a speed. Then we did workouts using resistance bands while jumping over and through obstacles and afterward would do different sets of bicep workouts. At the end of each circuit, we did boxing and kickboxing and would listen to Jeff for which punches to throw at the bag. I have done many circuit training classes in the past but this one really focuses on working every single muscle group, so your whole body gets the benefits.

Click here to hear more from Jeff and Madison during our Facebook Live
Click here to hear more from Jeff and Madison during our Facebook Live

What muscle groups did this class work the most? Was it a great workout for your abs, butt, arms, etc.?

This is a total-body workout, so every muscle in your body is working during different parts of the class. My arms were sore from the “man makers” they had us doing, but overall my whole body felt the burn.

Did the instructor do anything to make the class extra special?

Jeff, the co-owner and instructor for the class, switched up the circuits to ensure that you’re always doing something new and different. He also helped me out a lot when doing the kickboxing portion by demonstrating each punch.

How did you feel before, during, and after the workout?

Before class, I wasn’t sure what to expect for this workout, but once I was there and going, the music was so upbeat and fun and the energy of the class was awesome. Everyone was pushing themselves to their max and it helped me continue to do the same for myself. There were definitely times during this workout when it was hard to keep going, but there’s just something about Jeff’s class that makes you want to get uncomfortable and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. After the workout, my legs and arms were jello and I went home and took a nice hot bath! The class was challenging and extremely rewarding to complete.

(L to R) Jeff Toney, Madison James, and Halen Adair
(L to R) Jeff Toney, Madison James, and Halen Adair

What was the most enjoyable part of the workout?

My favorite part of the workout was the boxing portion of the circuits. I used to be a member at a boxing gym a few years ago, so it felt great to get the gloves back on. Jeff helped me get right back to it and kept me focused on technique and not so focused on counting the clock. It was a great way to switch things up and keep things fun!

Any other feedback you’d like to give about the Fit9 Full Body workout?

Fit9 is an awesome gym. They have a really cool, industrial vibe with a huge garage door that they opened during our workout. The cold air felt AMAZING. I would 100% recommend giving this place a shot if you are looking to switch it up when it comes to the daily gym grind. This is not your average gym and they will push you harder than most gyms I’ve been to, and it’s all worth it. It’s a new year which means a new you, so give Fit9 a shot if you’re ready to see a positive difference in your overall health!

Details: 3231 Cains Hill Pl NW Suite 235, Atlanta, GA 30305;

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