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Atlanta Influencers Share Their Favorite Mocktails

Atlanta Influencers Share Their Favorite Mocktails

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by Wyndi Kappes

Crafted nonalcoholic cocktails, aka mocktails, are all the rage. As people reset for the new year and bring their resolutions into focus, one of the common goals is often to drink less. But if you still crave something special, mocktails can be a tasty option for cutting back without cutting out the fun. Here, seven Atlanta influencers share their favorite mocktails, the local spots where you can grab one and a few recipes for enjoying these trendy beverages at home.

Blood Orange Rosemary Spritz

Home Bar Network

“We love to pair blood orange with rosemary because the citrus provides brightness to counter the deeper flavor of the rosemary. The bubbles offer light effervescence, which is especially great before or after a big meal. Finally, the smoked rosemary fills the room with a wonderful scent. You can’t beat it. Find the recipe under Cocktails’ on our website.”

—Cody and Haleigh Brown


Sweater Weather Mocktail

In the Curious Kitchen

“Enjoy the flavors of winter with my favorite cold-weather mocktail, Sweater Weather (recipe available on my website just sub out the bourbon). I love the enticing combination of apples, oranges and warm spices almost as much as I love my favorite pink wool sweater from J. Crew. Step out of the cold and embrace the cozy.”

—MK Hennigan, @inthecuriouskitchen,


Hibiscus Ginger Tea

O-Ku Atlanta

“O-Ku Atlanta [] has plenty of alcohol-free options for when I’m on a health kick. A menu highlight is the Hibiscus Ginger Tea. It tastes just like a cocktail and is so refreshing. I love sipping on it while enjoying one of their many specialty sushi rolls.

—Allie Eaton, @atlpeachyeats,

Zero-Proof Coconut Limeade

Forza Storico

“I love Forza Storico’s  [] zero-proof cocktails, especially the Coconut Limeade. Cool, smooth and delicious, it pairs perfectly with their Fritto Misto di Mare, a savory seafood appetizer with calamari, shrimp and orata. Trust me!”

—Shanita Miller, @blackgirlsguideatl,

Tasty Smurf

Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge

“Prepare to be transported back in time at the new Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge
[]. Nestled in the back of Politan Row, the retro ’70s speakeasy serves up fabulous drinks, including my favorite mocktail, the Tasty Smurf,
packed with flavor and uniqueness you can’t find anywhere else.”

—Jason Castro, @dienamicimage founder of @cocktailsatlanta,

Santa Monica Sparkling Lemonade


“Some of my favorite recipes are inspired by my trips across the country. This Sparkling Lemonade mocktail is inspired by a recent trip to Santa Monica and embodies that light and fun feel you’ll find along the boardwalk or bouncing around the city. This mocktail is a crowd-pleaser that works for a girl’s night in, baby shower and more. Find the full recipe on my website.”

—Chellbee Johnson, @iamchellbee,

Selective Sobriety

More and more people are becoming more intentional about how, when and why they drink, and it’s an important factor to consider when you’re planning your next office party or get-together with friends and family.

“With the growing sober curious movement and a reported 23 million Americans being in abstinence-based recovery, chances are you’ll likely have party guests who’d rather opt for a nonalcoholic option,” says Heather Hayes, a licensed counselor and board-registered interventionist with more than 35 years of experience treating clients with an addictive disorder.

“It’s important to keep in mind that there are many reasons why a person may decide to stop drinking, whether it be for health reasons, to save money or to simply stave off a hangover,” says Hayes. But there may be larger, more serious issues at hand as well.

If you or someone you know is looking for help to stop drinking, you can reach out to Heather, the founder and CEO of Heather R. Hayes & Associates, Inc., at

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