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The 2023 Wonder Women: 8 Amazing Atlanta Moms Share Their Stories

The 2023 Wonder Women: 8 Amazing Atlanta Moms Share Their Stories

2023 Amazing Atlanta Moms
Stories by Wyndi Kappes

Get ready to be inspired by a group of amazing Atlanta moms who are taking motherhood to the next level! These women not only devote themselves to raising and nurturing their own children, but they also work tirelessly to give back to their community and create positive change. These nonprofit champions and changemakers show us that to pour into someone else’s cup; you must first pour into your own. As Carly Milyo, a mother of three, successful entrepreneur and our cover star reminds us, “Me-time will not just appear, it must be purposeful!” These incredible moms prove that with dedication, hard work and a commitment to self-care, anything is possible.

Meet the 2023 Wonder Women

Alyssa Barton: Children’s Cancer Champion 

Deanna Anderson: Using Her Gifts for The Greater Good

Missy Purcell: Fighting for Dyslexia Dreamers

Samantha Shelton: A Passionate Advocate for Animals and People

Dilla Campos: Connecting a Community

Natasha Pierre McCarthy: Growing Vitiligo Awareness and Acceptance

Aviva Stern: Advocating For The Arts

Katy Cown: A Supportive Stronghold Nurturing New Life

Want to meet even more amazing women?

Checkout our 2021 Women Women. 11 Powerhouse Atlanta women share their stories and advice.

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