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2019 OVER 40 & FABULOUS! ADVISORY BOARD: Media Ambassador—Tom Sullivan

2019 OVER 40 & FABULOUS! ADVISORY BOARD: Media Ambassador—Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan

As a corporate host and TV emcee, Tom Sullivan doesn’t just live to entertain. He lives to connect with people and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. His decades-long career is marked with Emmy-award nominations, mentorship, and more.

What has happened in the last year since we caught up with you for Over 40 & Fabulous?

I’ve been traveling around the country hosting various events, including a few trips to Las Vegas and one where it was snowing on the Strip!

What does a typical day in the life of Tom Sullivan look like?

Having worked on a radio morning show, I’m used to getting up early. I say, ‘Good morning, God,’ before I even get out of bed. I listen to calming, relaxing music while I have breakfast—leaving the TV off so I can be mindful of what I’m listening to or watching while eating. I also soak in a devotional from “The Word For You Today,” out of Alpharetta. In my studio, I’ll work on voice-over projects or editing photos and videos for clients, as well as organizing work with new clients as their host and emcee.

During your career, you’ve seen the media world change drastically. What advice do you have for others in regard to adapting as their field changes or they face career setbacks?

When I left radio and TV back in 2010, I learned that those jobs don’t define me. God cleared my plate and helped me realize who Tom Sullivan is and what really matters in life. That book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson is so true! I am grateful for every opportunity and look at every experience as a life lesson. When I worked in radio, I made myself valuable by doing every job there was and I did it with a winning attitude. Also, be mindful!

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