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Cirque du Soleil Celebrates Street Sports with Style

Cirque du Soleil Celebrates Street Sports with Style

Acrobats doing a pyramid.
(L to R): Laurie Adornato and Rosina Gil dish on Cirque du Soleil's upcoming show, VOLTA.
(L to R): Laurie Adornato and Rosina Gil dish on              Cirque du Soleil’s upcoming show, VOLTA.

Inspired by the adventurous spirit of street sports, Cirque du Soleil’s newest show, VOLTA, uses acrobatics to celebrate embracing the differences that make each of us unique. Before the visual spectacular premieres under the big top at Atlantic Station on Oct. 10, Best Self Atlanta sat down with performers Rosina Gil (ballerina) and Laurie Adornato (bungee and ladders expert) to get exclusive insight on the show, what life is like as a part of the touring company, and more.

How is VOLTA different from other Cirque du Soleil shows?

Rosina Gil: This show is more human and approachable. You see performers [like Laurie Adornato] doing acrobatic things, but you realize they are also humans, real people with different traumas and trials. If you can see that, the show becomes more relatable.

What is your favorite part of the show?

RG: I like the Arco Lamp. It’s the first act that is aerial in the show—the first time you see someone flying. They illuminate the audience, and to me, it just feels very intimate and beautiful.

Laurie Adornato: I love the high-energy acts! The BMX riders are a must-see, especially because they have never been seen on our stage before. My other favorite is the hair suspension aerialist. She does all of these contortions with her body while rope holds her by her hair. There’s also a really funny clown, which I think is great for the kids.

Physically, how do you prepare for your roles?

RG: We train all the time. It’s what we love to do, but it takes a lot of discipline and effort. We work out with coaches and participate in classes like ballet. Many performers who don’t even do ballet come to the classes because they want to learn. That’s the beauty of this company; we interchange the knowledge of ways to train.

Catch VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil from Oct. 10, 2019, through Jan. 5, 2020!


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