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When the Going Gets Hard

When the Going Gets Hard

Woman supporting breast cancer patient.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 4.24.17 PMAs a publication dedicated to women’s health and fitness, it is imperative for us to cover the diseases that impact our population the most—breast cancer being one of those. Every year, as our team decides how we will approach the issue, I am amazed by how much more there is to learn about the illness and am deeply moved by the life-altering impact it continues to have on wives, mothers, sisters, friends, and beyond.

In Making Sense of Metastatic Breast Cancer, we dive into an area of breast cancer that is not often talked about. Known as stage 4, or the most advanced stage of breast cancer, this diagnosis means cancer that began in the breast has migrated to other organs in the body. For some, especially those in the African-American community, it can be their initial breast cancer diagnosis, for others it can come as a shock after surviving an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. To understand what life is like for patients facing this ordeal and learn about the science behind metastatic breast cancer from local healthcare providers, turn to page 43.

In a way, you could say this issue is dedicated to women who aren’t afraid to face seemingly insurmountable challenges—health or otherwise. Our Wonder Women article (p. 27) profiles 10 female entrepreneurs who have pushed through obstacles to rise to the top of their field and build some of Atlanta’s most successful businesses.

Finally, our My Best Self profile shares the story of Kennesaw State University graduate Lauren Simmons, and how she became the youngest and only full-time female equity trader on the New York Stock Exchange.

No matter what you’re facing in life, I hope the stories and words of wisdom in this issue will inspire you to never stop pushing forward.

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Alex McCray

Associate Editor

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