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How Vince Cellini Got His Picture-Perfect Hair Back

How Vince Cellini Got His Picture-Perfect Hair Back

Vince Cellini with Before Photo

Dr. Anderson of Anderson Center for Hair By Jennifer Colosimo

When sportscaster Vince Cellini decided to undergo hair restoration surgery last year, it wasn’t just a vanity issue. With a career on television sharing sports stats, game scores and the latest news, worrying about presenting the look he wanted was starting to detract from how well he could deliver that information. In his line of work—that wouldn’t cut it.

“For more than four decades, I’d maintained the way my body looks, the way my face looks, but my hair was the one thing that I wasn’t happy with,” he says. “This was about achieving something that I wanted. I think it was the one thing about myself that I really wasn’t completely happy with. It was the one thing I couldn’t control and that I wanted to have more control of. Anderson was the way I could get that control back and have a look that I wanted to achieve.”
After visiting several clinics across the country, Vince chose Anderson Center for Hair because it was the place with the best reputation. It was also the place where he felt most comfortable talking about his concerns and what he was looking for in terms of results.

“Dr. Anderson has devoted his career to exclusively treating hair loss for both men and women, and has treated it for almost 20 years,” says Courtney Pantelis, marketing director for Anderson Center for Hair. “Our patients have told us that [their hair loss restoration surgery] was less intense than a dental cleaning and the most relaxing day of their week.”
As Vince discovered, that’s due to a unique continuum of care with patient-centered service, robust education and honest conversations that shape realistic expectations. Anderson’s team walks patients through the entire process from offering meals, multimedia and medication management on the day of surgery to detailing the care required for recovery and what to expect in the year following their procedure—about the time it takes for the results to finalize.

As more and more people like Vince start to share their stories, the misconceptions of hair restoration surgery are being increasingly debunked. That includes worrying about people being able to tell you’ve had surgery and more knowledge about what your future hair loss may look like.

That’s also, in part, due to the methods surgeons have available. As the first center in Georgia to offer the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, Anderson Center for Hair executes both the linear (grafts are taken from a thin strip of tissue at the back of the scalp) and FUE (individual grafts are taken from the back of the scalp, eliminating a linear scar) methods, depending on the patient’s qualifications.

Vince Cellini “During a one-on-one consultation, [Dr. Anderson] will discuss your goals and concerns, and map out a customized treatment plan for your needs,” says Courtney. “He’ll also explain what a realistic outcome from a surgical restoration would look like for you.”

Ideal candidates are those just beginning to see hair loss. Factors such as a patient’s lifestyle and current hairstyle, previous surgeries, hair type and more determine what type of surgery is best.

The best news? Every result ignites new personal and professional successes, an increase in self-confidence and a decrease in stress … not to mention an overall general satisfaction from life that may have been missing before.

Curious about Anderson Center of Hair? You can read more on our website here.

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