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The Risks of Costume Contacts

The Risks of Costume Contacts

It’s spooky season! As kids and adults don their best costumes, it can be tempting to level up your look with costume contacts. But buyer beware—costume lenses can cause damage that will haunt you long after Halloween is over. Sarah Bassett, OD, at Georgia Eye Partners, tells us more about the dangers of costume contacts below.

Called by many names, including costume contact lenses, cosmetic lenses don’t correct your vision but help transform your eye color, pupil shape and more. While it is illegal to sell non-prescription contact lenses, it’s easy to find these dangerous items online, in beauty supply stores or in costume shops.

Each year, I see the consequences of “one-size-fits-all” contacts. If not prescribed by a licensed eye care professional, you risk ill-fitting lenses that can lead to cornea scratches, decreased oxygen flow to your eyes and even blindness. Because non-prescription contacts aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), different materials and bacteria present in the lenses can also cause allergic reactions and eye infections.

If you are looking to make a cosmetic change to your eyes, it’s important to consult your eye doctor. They can determine the health of your eyes and determine which FDA-approved lenses are best for you.

One night of fun is not worth risking your vision. Protect your peepers by consulting the experts at Georgia Eye Partners.

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