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How to Cope With Dry Eye

How to Cope With Dry Eye

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Even in our happiest moments, our eyes are full of tears. They not only help us see, but the 2,000 proteins and molecules found in natural tears keep our eyes comfortable with lubrication and moisture. Unfortunately, sometimes our system can be out of whack, and we need extra help to combat dry eye. We’ve called in Dr. Josh Johnston of Georgia Eye Partners for tips and treatments to restore your eyes’ natural balance.

If over-the-counter treatments aren’t working anymore, consult a specialist to get to the root of your problem. Georgia Eye Partners recognizes dry eye symptoms can be multifactorial. People naturally begin experiencing symptoms like stinging and burning sensations, fluctuating vision and sensitivity to light as they age. However, the condition can also result from environmental factors like medications or prolonged screen time.

Georgia Eye Partner’s innovative solutions are specifically designed to help your eyes work as they should. Utilizing the latest FDA-approved treatments such as prescription eye drops and a newly approved nasal spray, the skilled providers at Georgia Eye Partners can combat inflammation in the eyes and stimulate natural tear production. If your eyelids are the root cause of your dry eye issues, in-office heating and expression treatments and lasers are available to treat obstructed glands in the eyelids.

Whatever your healthy eye journey may include, trust Georgia Eye Partners to respect your visual goals, identify the root of your problem and provide the right method with the best results for you.

Top Tips for Dry Eye Care

See a doctor who specializes in dry eye.
A good eye exam can lead to a better understanding of your condition and better solutions for your eyes.

Shade your eyes.
Sunglasses with wraparound frames can shelter your eyes from natural elements like the sun and wind, slowing the evaporation of tears.

Minimize screen time.
You blink less when you’re focused on a screen. Remind yourself to blink frequently and give your eyes a break by looking away from your devices often.

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