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Shanita Miller: Shining a Light on Overlooked Atlanta Businesses

Shanita Miller: Shining a Light on Overlooked Atlanta Businesses

Shanita Miller

40 Under 40 Inspiring Innovators Top 10 Winner

When one of Shanita Miller’s co-workers complained there was nothing to do in town, the Atlanta native quickly whipped up a list of places to go. That one list didn’t just change the opinion of her colleague, it also changed Shanita’s life when she decided to start an Instagram page called Black Girl’s Guide to Atlanta (BGGA) to help Atlantans find fun in the city. Since 2019, the page has grown to over 20,000 followers, delighted each week by something new to do in the ATL.

Q: How do you hope your platform reshapes the conversation around Black-owned businesses?

Shanita Miller: Since I’ve been on this BGGA journey, I’ve discovered so many unique Black-owned businesses. I realized that people would be more intentional about their dollars if they only knew where to go. I hope that my platform showcases Black businesses so that people realize these businesses are not one-dimensional or lacking in quality.

Q: What is the best advice you’ve received?

Shanita Miller: Stay authentic and run away from any opportunity that wants to modify your voice. Also, trust energy. If the energy is off, don’t be afraid to walk away. When it’s time to work, work hard. When it’s time to unplug, then truly unplug. I believe that avoiding shortcuts in these two areas will help you become successful and have balance.

Q: What do you hope your audience gets from BGGA?

Shanita Miller: I hope my audience understands that my page is for everyone because, at my core, I am a small business advocate. However, I am unapologetically a Black woman who wants people to use my platform to uplift and spotlight small businesses that are often overlooked. Unfortunately, those places tend to be minority owned.,

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