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Anne Onyeneho, Championing Healthy Lifestyles One Dish at a Time

Anne Onyeneho, Championing Healthy Lifestyles One Dish at a Time

Anne Onyeneho

40 under 40 Inspiring Innovators Fab 5 Winner

Anne Onyeneho decided to bet on herself. With only a completed cookbook manuscript after getting laid off from her corporate job, this Atlanta entrepreneur found a new sense of urgency to turn her dream into reality. Now, Onyeneho successfully self-published her recipes in her “PlantBaed Cookbook ” and runs Plantbaed Kitchen and Catering, serving up wholesome and delicious 100% plant-based food using locally sourced, organic produce. 

How has your passion and dedication to cultivating healthier eating habits aided you in building your business PlantBaed?

Anne Onyeneho: I believe the single most important practice that humans can do to optimize their health is to choose a lifestyle of eating real food (food free from additives or other artificial substances) and that’s my message and mission of the Plantbaed brand. It is fulfilling to build a brand that is aligned with my core values and beliefs.

What is your advice for someone beginning to incorporate clean eating into their lives?

Anne Onyeneho: Figure out your “why.” There are so many reasons to eat clean, whether for health reasons, moral values or environmental activism. Having a cause makes it easier to stick to your convictions. 

As an advocate for health, wellness and sustainability, how do you incorporate environmentally friendly choices into PlantBaed’s meal prep service?

Anne Onyeneho: We partner with local farmers who use environmentally friendly farming practices by sourcing organic produce. The goal is to reduce pesticide and insecticides usage in our food supply chain and save the planet from toxic pollutants. Plantbaed also uses environmentally friendly food packaging materials for all of our meal prep, restaurant and catering services.

What innovations are you hoping to include in PlantBaed’s future?
Anne Onyeneho: I am currently building an app called BOXi for the food delivery space with my co-founder AJ Nolton, founder of Bizology Venture Partners. It’s a software product that will make food deliveries safer and more secure for millions of families across the globe., 

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