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Restore Function and Relieve Pain with Regenerative Medicine

Restore Function and Relieve Pain with Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is designed to promote restoration and renewal at a cellular level and unlock the body’s healing potential. It helps decrease inflammation, restore cellular tissue growth, protect wounds and advance the healing process. Now, with innovative allograft therapies, many orthopedic patients can experience an even better healing process with more efficient pain management.

Q: How does Allograft therapy work?

Allograft therapies apply human tissue to targeted treatment areas to stimulate change and relieve discomfort. They work as a catalyst to restore the health of the tissue, whether impacted by inflammation, damage, stagnation or another source of deterioration. They also advance healing by supporting tissue growth when injected into the tissue or applied topically with a liquid or patch. Allograft therapies work as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a larger treatment plan.

Q: What kinds of conditions does Allograft therapy work to improve?

It reduces inflammation, stimulates cellular growth, heals scar tissue, helps minimize surgical scarring, prevents infection, protects incisions, promotes healing and alleviates pain; so it can help make orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries more successful. It supports the integration of a new joint into the body through renewed tissue growth and the prevention of swelling and infection.

Q: How does this type of therapy help heal muscular tears?

Allograft injectables aid in healing torn muscles, with or without surgery, as it invigorates new tissue growth. Injections combat swelling and reduce the formation of scar tissue. That, along with patches and liquid tissue therapies, works to heal torn cartilage, tendons and other soft tissue injuries.

Q: Does this type of therapy work for chronic conditions like arthritis?

Yes! Patients who incorporate Allograft therapies into their treatment plans can benefit from reduced pain and swelling. In addition, human growth factors promote the development of healthier cells for decreased symptoms, which helps patients function better for longer.

Q: How do I know the therapy I am receiving comes from a trusted source?

Look for Allograft products developed by scientists, doctors and biotechnology experts with scientifically-based regenerative products using minimally manipulated human tissue derived from the ethically-donated umbilical cord and amniotic membrane tissue.

Dr. Jonathan Goss is the Founder and President of LUX Diagnostics, LUX Leaf Diagnostics & LUX Therapeutics. Dr. Jonathan L. Goss is a native of Houston Texas, graduate of Morehouse College, Emory School of Medicine, former resident student at Ohio State University School of Emergency Medicine and now doctor turned entrepreneur.

Dr. Jonathan Goss • LUX Diagnostics, LUX Leaf Diagnostics & LUX Therapeutics 13 Corporate Blvd. NE., Atlanta

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