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A Woman’s Honest Opinion on Penis Enlargement

A Woman’s Honest Opinion on Penis Enlargement

Men often want a larger penis for their own confidence in both sexual and nonsexual situations. But how do women feel about penis enlargement? We interviewed a married couple about their experience with penis enlargement to get a woman’s honest opinion—and she delivered.

Reclaiming Sexual Intimacy

Serene and Chad are your average modern couple: busy and focused on kids and careers. Their schedules didn’t leave a lot of time for sex, but they wanted to prioritize their physical connection.

“In my mind, sex and intimacy, especially if you’re a married couple who’s been married for a long time, it’s your chance to reconnect,” Serene says. “It should feel good and it should be something that if you’re not going to get it for another two weeks, it should be memorable.”

After recovering from colon cancer, Chad wanted to get back to feeling good about himself, so he looked into penis enlargement procedures. He tried Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) shots, and then fat transfers, but neither worked for him. He felt defeated.

Then Chad found Prometheus by Dr. Malik, and they had renewed hope for supercharging their sex life.

It Doesn’t Have to be Bad to Get Even Better

Serene and Chad were drawn to Prometheus because the procedure offered permanent, guaranteed results without the risks of surgery. Overall, their sex life was satisfactory for both of them…but could it be better with a little low-risk help?

“I think the male enhancement treatment that Chad received from Dr. Malik’s office improved our sexual activity immensely,” Serene says. “As a woman…your pelvic floor tends to change drastically after having children…that creates a little bit of unconfidence…So I did not think that there was anything wrong with Chad’s penis.”

Even though Serene didn’t have any complaints about Chad’s performance in the bedroom, she found herself enjoying their new sexual experiences after his nonsurgical penis enlargement at Prometheus. “I am definitely pleasantly surprised that he had the procedure done because it’s created a lot more feeling and sensation for me…It felt very satisfying and [I was] able to orgasm quicker.”

The Psychology Behind Good Sex

We all know that good sex can’t just be physical. There has to be a psychological aspect behind it to elevate the experience.

As a woman, when you know your sexual encounter will end with both of you happy, you are much more likely to join in (or even initiate) with enthusiasm.

Serene explains, “When there’s a little bit more girth, there’s a little bit more intensity, but it also creates a psychological shift…you tend to want to have sex more because it’s not a task that you’re dreading [because of performance anxiety]… With a girthier penis, you’re definitely expanding your options for sexual pleasure because you’re opening the doors for any kind of positioning really. It gives you more variety.”

Added girth also requires more effort for penetration, which builds anticipation and arousal. “There’s a little bit of a buildup tethered to that and you really feel like there’s something between your legs. It gets exciting. Once you finally get it in it’s like oh yeah, here we go!”

The Bottom Line

Since a man’s penis size directly affects a woman’s sensation during sex, it’s no surprise that women have lots to say about it. Like Serene, many women are satisfied with their current sex lives and the size of their partner’s penis, but discover that it can get even better with added girth to amp up the experience.

If you or your partner are thinking about penis enlargement, contact the Prometheus by Dr. Malik office and request a free consultation., 888.365.1333

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