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Male Enhancement Q&A with Dr. Farhan Malik

Male Enhancement Q&A with Dr. Farhan Malik

Safe, Permanent, Minimally-invasive Male Enhancement for Today’s Modern Man

Q: What is Male Enhancement Augmentation (MEA)?
The term male enhancement may refer to a number of treatments that improve penis size or erection. Often times the reference is the latter. On the other hand, male enhancement augmentation (MEA) refers to any technique or treatment focused on actually enlarging the penis. MEA may include techniques such as surgery, fat transference or dermal filler injections such as JUVÉDERM® or VOLUMA™.

Just with breast augmentation becoming a common practice in the early 2000s, MEA is fast becoming a popular treatment.

Q: Who typically requests this procedure and why?
Penis size matters for a variety of reasons. Any man that wants to increase his confidence and improve intimacy both in and out of the bedroom may benefit immensely from MEA. Additionally, the aging process negatively affects penis size, not to mention its impact on one’s self-worth. In today’s culture, both men and women want to feel vibrant, youthful and relevant. Doing something that boosts a man’s sexual esteem can translate to a happier human being.

Q: How is the Prometheus treatment different/better?
The Prometheus by Dr. Malik is a permanent dermal filler injection technique for penile enlargement. The process was developed to be safer than traditional surgery and is performed using collagen-layering activation filler techniques using a patented filler material. The filler is absorbed over a few weeks and replaced with the patient’s natural collagen. Unlike temporary dermal fillers, it’s permanent and doesn’t need to be repeated. It’s nonsurgical and therefore doesn’t need cutting or stitches. A local anesthetic is all that’s needed, and the client is fully awake watching Netflix or listening to their favorite tunes.

Q: What are the benefits? Expected results?
Men do not like “fussy things,” and with this treatment, a client can schedule to come in at lunch and within 2 hours walk out feeling more sexually confident and vibrant. Penis girth size increase can range from moderate to substantial based on the individual’s choice, and the treatment can be repeated as desired. Up to 50% of clients are married and report improved intimacy and relations with their spouse due not only to improved sensation for both partners but also the abundant self-assurance that lends itself wonderfully to all aspects of a healthy relationship. Sexual health and confidence are vital parts of normal healthy human behavior.

While this treatment can improve erection quality due to the increased vascularization and is also used to help improve PD irregularities, it’s important to understand that these are secondary benefits. This procedure is strictly for those men who want to enhance their size. All humans have a right to choices that contribute to their overall feeling of well-being.

Q: Is it safe? Painful? Is there downtime?
How many of these procedures have been performed?
An estimated 20,000 male enhancement augmentations are performed each year. The Prometheus by Dr. Malik and its variants has been safely performed over 12,000 times. Because the treatment is nonsurgical and only requires a local anesthetic, the client may return to work the next day. Certain restrictions are in place for several weeks to ensure maximum collagen growth. Clients report near-zero discomfort, with one being noted on a scale of 1 to 10 in pain.

Q: How much does the treatment cost? Are there financing options available?
Prices vary depending on the treatment but start at $5900. As with any cosmetic procedure, various financing options are made available to help assist the client.

Q: How do I set up a consultation? Is there an emphasis on patient privacy?
For those interested in learning more, you are encouraged to schedule a private complimentary phone consultation. This can be requested through the website at

Farhan Malik, MD,
Senior Medical Director

Dr. Fahran Malik is the medical director at Atlanta Innovative Medicine, which has over 400 five-star Google reviews. He is an expert in regenerative medicine and specializes in nonsurgical cosmetic penile enlargement. He is double board-certified and has trained under industry-leading doctors Dr. Victor Loria and Dr. David Dellinger. Not only does Dr. Malik have incredible skill, but he also possesses a unique and artistic eye for beauty and symmetry.

Prometheus is located in Alpharetta in a pristine 7,000 sq. ft. facility, with male staff.

Call today or visit the website to schedule a private, complimentary phone consultation.

8460 Holcomb Bridge Alpharetta, GA 30022 | | 888.365.1333

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