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A More Impressive Package—No Surgery or Pills Required

A More Impressive Package—No Surgery or Pills Required

Women have been openly getting aesthetic services to boost their self-confidence for years, but now more than ever men are joining in—in a big way. 

Hundreds of men every year are going to Prometheus by Dr. Malik in Atlanta for his signature male enhancement procedure, completed without anesthesia, surgery, or supplements. 

Dr. Malik has created Prometheus to be a welcoming space for men who want to amp up their size in a safe, understanding environment. Penis surgery continues to be controversial, over-the-counter enlargement pills just don’t work, and devices like vacuums have minimal and fleeting results. But Prometheus by Dr. Malik offers a new opportunity to see the results you want without the risks or disappointment.

Penis Enlargement Options

Since the dawn of time, men have been trying to get bigger penises, so there are lots of options presented as solutions. Not all penis enlargement options are safe or effective. 


Penis enlargement surgery can be risky. The penis is a delicate area, prone to infection, and side effects can be devastating: erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation, tissue damage, and unnatural appearance. 

Surgery requires anesthesia, inpatient treatment, and, for some procedures, dermal grafts from another location that also needs to heal properly. 

Pills, Devices, and Stretching

Unfortunately, those pills you see that promise big size gains do not work and are not regulated. No amount of over-the-counter supplements can add inches to your penis, and some may interfere with your other medication. That’s a big risk with no reward. 

Devices like penis vacuums and stretching exercises like jelqing are touted as non-surgical solutions, but neither produces lasting results and both increase the likelihood of tearing or bruising your penis tissue. 

The Prometheus Procedure

Men who are interested in adding inches to their penis but do not want the risks of the traditional options are turning to Dr. Malik for guaranteed, permanent results. 

Dr. Malik’s proprietary filler encourages your body to create more of its own collagen, a protein naturally found throughout your body. The new collagen creates more length and girth. 

The entire procedure takes about two hours, and men see results immediately. Most men’s favorite part is that the results they get are permanent—no upkeep, no shrinking. If you want more of a size increase after your first procedure, you can always add more with additional treatments to achieve whatever size you desire.

About Dr. Farhan Malik: Atlanta’s Penis Enlargement Specialist

Dr. Malik is a double board-certified medical doctor specializing in sports medicine, men’s sexual health, and male enhancement, also known as penis enlargement. 

Dr. Malik noticed the demand for penis enlargement was increasing every year, but men were frustrated with either risky surgical options or unproven supplements, lotions, or devices. He knew there had to be another way, and when he found it he brought it to Atlanta. Now he helps men invest in themselves to feel proud of their bodies and what they offer. 

Contact Prometheus by Dr. Malik

If you are considering penis enlargement, contact Dr. Malik’s office to schedule your no-commitment consult. You can ask questions and hear more about this minimally invasive procedure with permanent, guaranteed results. 

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